Known for serving Auckland’s most legendary smash burgers, Baby G is finally putting down permanent roots

For the last two years, Cam Blanchard has been wowing Auckland’s discerning foodie crowd with his delicious burger pop-ups around the city. The American-born former mechanic built his now cult-followed Baby G Burger on nothing more than the love for burgers he shared with his partner, Greta (the ‘G’ in Baby G, by the way), quickly garnering a following after sharing and selling his homemade creations on Instagram in 2020. Now, Baby G Burger is widely credited as serving some of the best burgers in Auckland, courtesy of Blanchard’s signature, American-style smash patties (boasting unbelievably crispy edges and a thick, flavoursome centre), served between pillowy soft buns, with fuss-free fillings — usually a combination of American cheese, onions, pickles, mustard, mayo and/or hot sauce. So delicious are these burgers that Baby G’s pop-ups have been known to sell out within hours, thanks to hoards of people keen to get their hands on one of its satiating bites before they were gone again.

But now, hungry Aucklanders need not worry about only having a short amount of time to get their burger fix, as Blanchard gets ready to open Baby G’s first official burger joint in Avondale at the end of this week.

Nestled in the Avondale shops, the new Baby G spot is lo-fi and easygoing, reminiscent of the kind of thing you might find in the States, without being cartoonish about it. Able to seat 15 people, with comfortable tables or high stools by the windows, the space was designed and almost entirely installed by Blanchard himself and is the perfect, casual setting in which to enjoy Baby G’s offering. “I took some inspiration from old American fast food places and restaurants I grew up going to,” Blanchard tells me, “like little hometown burger and hotdog stands and old McDonalds that hadn’t been updated yet.”

On the menu, Blanchard has kept things simple and delicious, offering up a concise edit of Baby G hits. The iconic Oklahoma Dreaming burger is, of course, the hero (boasting double smash patties with all the fillings: American cheese, mustard, mayo, hot sauce, maple syrup, pickles and onions) alongside a classic cheeseburger, fries and chicken tenders. There is also a mushroom burger option for vegetarians. As Blanchard settles into the new spot this menu is bound to change and expand so keep an eye out for more deliciousness to come.

So, if you’ve been craving your Baby G fix, and have been wondering where Blanchard’s pop-ups have gone, you’ll be able to treat yourself to a delicious burger come Sunday (the 8th of October) when Baby G officially opens its doors.

Opening hours:
Thursday to Sunday, 5pm until 9pm

Baby G Burger

1879 Great North Road

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