Traditional banh mi and Coconut Matcha Cloud

Have you heard? Phin is the new Vietnamese coffee and banh mi spot at City Works Depot

“The captivating scents of coffee brewing and the zestful taste of street food dominated our early life,” co-founder Sam Doan tells me of the eatery he co-founded with his sister Tira, Phin — a casual new spot within the vibrant City Works Depot specialising in Vietnamese coffee and banh mi. “Growing up in Hanoi, we came to value the process of coffee making and the importance of sharing meals at an early age, fostering a strong love of Vietnamese food and coffee which became an integral part of who we are.”

At Phin, the offering is simple but delicious, focused on two cornerstones of Vietnam’s vibrant culinary scene, with a concise edit of traditional sandwiches and an extensive drinks list bringing something novel to Auckland’s dining landscape.

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Left: Traditional banh mi and Coconut Iced Coffee

Founded by a brother and sister duo who grew up in the vibrant city of Hanoi, Phin was conceived to bring a taste of Vietnam to Auckland’s culinary scene and inspire Kiwis to share in Vietnam’s authentic street food culture and unique coffee-drinking habits. “Coffee for us is not just a drink – it is part of our life,” Doan tells me, “From early morning rushes at sidewalk coffee stands to leisurely afternoons on cosy patios, the coffee and street food culture in Vietnam holds a special place in day-to-day life that brings joy and connection,” he continues, “Our aim [with Phin] is to replicate this unique and cherished tradition, introducing the richness of flavours and customs that make Vietnamese coffee so special.”

Left to right: Egg Coffee, Brown (Iced), Coconut Matcha Cloud and Coconut Iced Coffee

A ‘Phin’ is a traditional Vietnamese metal brewing tin used in extracting Robusta coffee grounds; a method that has become a symbol of Vietnam’s coffee culture, and we can confirm that the coffee offering is as authentic as it comes. With a menu that goes well beyond the classics, here you’ll find ‘Coco Ice Cream Coffee’ — an iced, coconut blend coffee that is subtly sweet and tastes like a milkshake, plus traditional ‘Egg Coffee’ (a speciality in Hanoi which combines strong Vietnamese coffee with a whipped egg yolk custard mixture to create a rich, velvety coffee with a sweet and frothy top), and a ‘Coconut Matcha Cloud’ which is like a creamy coconut water that is equal parts refreshing and indulgent, served alongside espresso and typically Vietnamese coffee served with condensed milk. There’s also ‘Yogurt Blend’ drinks that we’re yet to try, but sounds divine, and a whole section dedicated to brown sugar milk boba, plus a range of hot teas.

Traditional banh mi

On the food front, the menu is concise — focused on doing the classics incredibly well. The traditional bahn mi is served with the choice of regular (featuring all of the typical trimmings, from Vietnamese cold cuts to pâté, pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, coriander, and a dash of chilli sauce), grilled pork, charsiu pork, teriyaki chicken, or tofu, with the option to swap out the fresh bread roll for sticky rice.

The space itself is laid back with an obvious Vietnamese influence, with woven bags and fans lining one wall, traditional coffee pour-overs (Phins) sitting pride of place, Vietnamese newspapers on display, and plenty of cosy corners to settle in for a delicious meal or tasty coffee and moment to yourself. “The ambience at Phin is crafted to foster a sense of community and cultural exchange,” Doan tells me, “Whether you’re stopping by for a quick coffee, meeting friends for lunch, or simply looking for a cosy spot to unwind, Phin promises a great experience.”

Left: Phin’s banh mi with Brown (Iced) and Egg Coffee

“Phin is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a celebration of Vietnamese culture and a testament to our passion for sharing our heritage with others,” says Doan. “We believe that food and drink can bring people together,” he continues, “Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast, food lover, or simply looking for a cosy place to relax, Phin offers a unique and authentic taste of Vietnam in the heart of Auckland.”

Serving traditional Vietnamese with a few tasty twists, Phin is a very welcome addition to the local food scene, and well worthy of your attention come lunchtime.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, 7am until 4pm
Saturday & Sunday, 8am until 4pm


Lower Deck,
City Works Depot,
90 Wellesley Street West,
Auckland CBD


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