Discover deliciously authentic Cambodian cuisine at Ponsonby Central’s new spot: Tinfeny’s

Tinfeny’s, a delicious new Cambodian restaurant set in the bustling heart of Ponsonby Central, is the work of a mother-daughter duo who wanted to bring the food they loved cooking at home to discerning Auckland diners. Inspired by their shared passion for Cambodian cuisine and their dream to open a restaurant together, Richny Hy and Felicity Keolay embarked on a journey to create Tinfeny’s — and it’s somewhere that should definitely be on your dining radar.

At Tinfeny’s, the menu is a celebration of Cambodian cuisine, offering a taste of traditional, home-cooked meals that reflect the rich culinary heritage of the country. Richny and Felicity meticulously drew on traditional recipes passed down through generations to create their dishes, marrying mouthwatering, unique flavours with authentic ingredients. Highlights include the Amok Trei, a delicately steamed fish infused with coconut custard and fragrant spices, and the Beef Lok Lak, a savoury stir-fry featuring tender eye fillet beef and Kampot pepper (sourced from Kampot province in Cambodia).

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Creating an authentic Cambodian dining experience required attention to detail and time, from sourcing the right ingredients to perfecting the flavours. Since opening, Tinfeny’s has fast become a haven for Cambodian expatriates longing for the taste of home, as well as adventurous diners eager to explore the vibrant tapestry of Southeast Asian cuisine.

“We really just want to offer an authentic Cambodian experience, and to make Cambodian food more well-known in Auckland,” Felicity tells me. “Our restaurant has already brought in a lot of friendly Cambodian people that just miss the dishes they grew up with.”

In addition to its tantalising menu, Tinfeny’s boasts an impressive array of signature cocktails, expertly crafted in-house. Here, the selection is fresh, tasty and perfectly-curated to accompany the flavours of the food, from the Lychee Mule (a mix of vodka, lychee, lemongrass, lime and ginger beer) to the Coco Pandan Marg (marrying coconut tequila with pandan, Cointreau and lime).

The restaurant’s ambience, designed to reflect the warmth and hospitality of Cambodia, is relaxed and inviting with cosy seating arrangements and vibrant decor. A striking mural of Angkor Wat even adorns the walls, serving as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage that inspired Tinfenys’ culinary journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned food enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Tinfeny’s is inviting everyone to embrace the culinary traditions of Cambodia. At this new restaurant, expect good vibes, friendly staff, delicious food and tasty drinks — the perfect combination for any kind of lunch or dinner out.

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday, 12pm — 3pm and 5pm — 9pm
Friday to Sunday, 12pm — 9pm


Shop 15
Ponsonby Central
4 Brown Street, Ponsonby


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