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Denizen’s definitive guide to 10 of the best burrata dishes in Auckland right now

There’s simply no denying that burrata is the moment. Despite being delicious on its own, the only thing differentiating one burrata from the next is precisely how creative the kitchen has been in serving it. Yet we stand by its status as an essential to share, and you’ll rarely find us enjoying a meal without it on our table. Done right, it’s nothing short of perfection, and we happen to think these places (all of which we have comprehensively taste-tested for you) hit the mark every time.

1. Soul Bar & Bistro
To look past Soul Bar & Bistro’s iconic offering would be a devastating mistake. Seasonally served with orange, fennel, chervil, and the thoughtful addition of sourdough, Executive Chef Gavin Doyle’s burrata is the perfect appetiser for a sunny afternoon spent partaking in convivial affairs.

2. Ada
Ada’s current burrata iteration is as delicious as the famed menu suggests. Changing seasonally, right now, it is served with rich romesco and almonds, which provide just the right amount of crunch to contrast the cheese’s soft interior.

3. Beau
At Beau, simplicity is key — with a menu that allow the extensive wine list at this venue to shine. Here the fresh burrata is doused in aged balsamic and sprinkled with flaky sea salt. Come summer, we will be enjoying it spread on delicious sourdough while seated in Beau’s courtyard with a glass of chilled red in hand.

Left: Bar Celeste. Right: Elmo’s.

4. Bar Céleste
Ask diners why they come to Bar Céleste, and (aside from its comprehensive wine list and delicious menu), punters often say that they visit for the burrata alone. Here, it is served with crunchy almonds and olive oilbest accompanied by a slice of house-made sourdough and a bottle of the Albert Boxler Pinot Blanc, shared among friends.

5. Elmo’s
While Ponsonby Road’s Elmo’s is famed for many things (bottomless brunches and after-work drinks included), the burrata might just be the dish that has garnered it the most attention. Served with truffles when in season, right now you’ll find a most beloved version — 125grams of the creamiest burrata in town is served in a big bowl of house-made pesto, candied wood-fired tomatoes and toasted pinenuts. Delightfully dreamy, we think.

6. Bar Martin
Set in the suburbs of Auckland’s Inner-West, Bar Martin serves what we think might be some of the best burrata in the City. The cheese draws its distinct acidity from the careful use of capers, with the depth of flavour found in courtyard-grown herbs and a kick from fresh chilli. The result is a surprisingly delicious and absolutely moreish plate to share.

Left: The Blue Breeze Inn. Right: Milenta.

7. Bar Non Solo
Taking the famed recipe from sister restaurant Non Solo Pizza, we love Bar Non Solo’s burrata merely because it’s so convenient and classic. Ideally suited to a few after-work drinks or a mid-afternoon snack, it is served with spinach, braised leeks and truffle salsa for the ultimate springtime fare. 

8. The Blue Breeze Inn
Another inspired take is The Blue Breeze Inn’s Asian-influenced burrata. Here you’ll find it famously served with roasted peanuts, ginger, sweet soy, and coriander, alongside a healthy helping of Chinese fried bread to mop it all up. It’s the kind of delightful dish that, given the chance, you should keep all to yourself.

9. Milenta
Creative explorations of burrata should be applauded which, in Milenta’s case, is clearly a winning strategy. Currently served with an assortment of seasonal fruits, namely kiwifruit and grapes, it’s a subtle nod to dessert that adds a welcome sweetness to this plate. We have heard a rumour that the menu is set to change soon — so we suggest getting in while you still can.

10. Amano
It would be impossible to get through this guide without making mention of Amano. One of the City’s most adored Italian eateries (renowned for being delicious every single time), of course the burrata here is nothing short of excellent. The creamy cheese is served atop wood mushrooms, balsamic and onions — the perfect interpretation, if you ask us.


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