Craving Yum Cha? This SkyCity go-to serves some of the best in the City

While Auckland has no shortage of exceptional eateries, few venues in the City boast cuisine as delicious and satisfying as contemporary Chinese eatery Huami. We find ourselves turning to this SkyCity favourite time and time again; so consistent is its delivery of excellent dining experiences — from exceptional Yum Cha to a very well-stocked bar, lively vibe, and the most central of locations, plus free parking for diners, there are very few boxes Huami doesn’t tick.

If you’re not already aware (where have you been?) Huami is home to what is arguably the best Yum Cha in Auckland. With a menu influenced by cooking styles from regional provinces across China, including Canton, Sichuan, Huaiyang, and Bejing, the clever team in the kitchen fuse traditional techniques with the freshest seasonal New Zealand produce to craft modern Chinese dishes that deliver on all fronts.

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From timeless favourites, like Huami’s now-famous wood-fired Peking duck (more on this soon), to handmade dim sum (served steamed, pan-fried, or deep-fried), exceptional dumplings, pork buns, traditional wok-fried noodles, crispy chicken, and more, here, dishes promise big, bold flavours and are thoughtfully crafted using only the highest-quality ingredients.

And while the menu is certainly packed full of delicious options for every taste and proclivity, the pièce de résistance is Huami’s wood-fired duck. The first restaurant in New Zealand to have a commercial wood-fired duck oven, this dish has become the eatery’s specialty — with their bespoke oven infusing the succulent meat with unique fruit flavours you won’t experience elsewhere. Each duck cooks for 45 minutes, and while the fire is crafted from long-burning wood such as Kanuka (white tea tree), which adds a smokiness similar to that of Manuka, the true depth of flavour comes through in the addition of fruit orchard wood, such as plum, apple or feijoa — which adds a richness that elevates this dish to new heights.

Also, to make things even more alluring, when dining at Huami (or any of SkyCity’s venues, for that matter), parking at the precinct is on the house — meaning less time navigating the streets looking for an ever-elusive park and more time enjoying the delicious food on offer. Details are available here.

So, whether you’re specifically seeking out Huami’s decadent duck, or the mood strikes for an entirely satisfying Yum Cha feast, there’s only one thing for it. Book your table today.

Yum Cha available:
Wednesday to Sunday, 11.30am to 2.30pm


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