Chef Hayden Phiskie has opened Bianca — a new pasta shop and restaurant you need to try

Nestled in Ellerslie, Bianca is more than just a drop-in spot, and it’s more than a typical restaurant, too. The brainchild of chef and entrepreneur Hayden Phiskie (co-founder of Cotto and Ada — which he sold in 2022), Bianca is a laid-back, delicious spot that writes its own rules. And it’s somewhere that should definitely be on your dining radar.

Ziti alla vodka tomato

In this 26-seat restaurant the chefs don’t just create the food, they serve it too, creating an intimate experience between those in the kitchen and those sitting at the tables. Here, the menu dances with the seasons, as Phiskie explains how he builds his dishes with vibrant, in-season vegetables first, in order to keep the menu fresh, before adding various proteins and extras. From the Malfadine Pork and Fennel Sausage Ragu to the Rotolo with Beef Short Rib Ragu to the gluten-free Ziti Pasta, each plate at Bianca is perfectly-balanced celebration of flavours.

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This is made all the more enjoyable when paired with a glass or two from Bianca’s carefully-curated wine list, brought together by Dan Gillett (of Everyday Wine) to offer a range of delicious, accessible biodynamic drops that accompany the pasta perfectly.

Left: Ravioli, broad bean, lemon & sourdough crumb. Right: Focaccia, nduja, taleggio & oregano

What really makes Bianca’s offering unique is its fresh pasta bags. For those who fancy a flavoursome meal at home, these easy kits are brimming with handmade pasta and delicious sauces, promising a gourmet feast in just five minutes, whether you’re craving a creamy cacio e pepe or an indulgent ragu.

Ziti, beef short rib ragù

Inside, Bianca’s open plan design offers a convivial, community-minded environment where customers feel part of the action. Teaming up with Rios who helped with Bianca’s creative concept, Phiskie wanted to create a space that was both open and intimate, where a simple, clean palette meets uniquely personalised details.

Here, you’re not just a diner; you feel that you’re a part of the culinary process. You can watch exceptional pasta being made right before your eyes while relishing exceptional meals with friends or a special someone, accompanied by a glass of exquisite wine. And now that Bianca is officially open for dinners too (as of yesterday), this must-try spot is set to expand its evening offerings, evolving into a place where you can pick up a takeaway pasta kit, drop in for an easy lunch or head to when a special dinner is on the cards. If you haven’t tried it already, consider this your sign.

Opening hours:
Monday, closed
Tuesday and Wednesday, 11am until 5pm
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 11am until late


2 Robert Street


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