Celebrate Matariki by making Naomi Toilalo’s recipe for Hazella Fry Bread at home

For anyone who doesn’t know her, Chef Naomi Toilalo is a celebrity chef and the author of Whānaukai, New Zealand’s first entirely bilingual cookbook, in which she pens her delicious recipes in both English and Te Reo Māori. In honour of Matariki, the chef has teamed up with Whittaker’s to create an exclusive recipe that is perfect for celebrating the occasion at home. Toilalo’s Parāoa Parai Pokepoke Kore Me Te Tiakarete Hānati (No Knead Fry Bread With Hazella Chocolate) is a decadent but simple-to-make recipe that will satiate even the most discerning sweet tooth. From its chewy dough to its oozy, chocolaty parcels inside, this fry bread is sure to be a universal hit.

English Recipe  |  Te Reo Recipe


The No-Knead Dough

¾ cup Warm milk

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¾ cup Lukewarm water

3 Tbsp Brown sugar

1 sachet (8g) Instant yeast

2 cup High grade flour

3 Tbsp Neutral oil

1 ⅓ cup High grade flour

1½ tsp Salt

250g Whittaker’s Hazella chocolate (broken into pieces)

1.25L Rice bran oil

Cinnamon sugar

¾ cup Caster sugar

2½ tsp Cinnamon


1. Add the milk, water and brown sugar in to a bowl.

2. Stir to dissolve the sugar.

3. Sprinkle over the instant yeast and stir with a whisk. Allow the yeast to activate for a few minutes (it should rise to the top).

4. Add the 2 cups of flour and the oil in to the activated yeast mixture. Stir with a whisk until smooth.

5. Cover and leave to rise for 20 minutes.

6. Add the remaining 1⅓C flour and the salt in to thebowl. Mix until all the flour isincorporated in to the dough.

7. Once combined, stretch and fold the dough 30 times in the bowl. Take a piece of dough from the side of the bowl and lift it high and press it in the middle, turn the bowl a 1/4 turn and repeat the pattern. Each time you do a 1/4turn, it is 1 count.

8. Cover and leave the dough to rise for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes.

9. Once risen, gently tip the dough on to a table. Cut into 12 equal squares.

10. Take a piece of dough, place three pieces of Hazella chocolate in the middle. Fold in the dough and pinch the seams. Place it on an oiled tray to rise as you repeat the pattern, making 12 in total.

11. Rise the fry bread for 35-45 minutes in a warm place.

12. As they rise, prepare the cinnamon sugar by combining the caster sugar and cinnamon together in a bowl.

13. Heat the oil in a cast iron pan to around 165-175 degrees.

14. Fry three fry bread at a time for 2 minutes on each side and roll in straight in to the cinnamon sugar. Serve immediately!

Nga kai

Te Pokenga Poke Kore

Kia toru hauwhā kapu miraka mahana

Kia toru hauwhā kapu wai aromahana

Kia toru kokonui huka hāura

Kia kotahi pēke īhi tere (kia 8 karamu)

Kiarua kapu puehu parāoa kounga

Kia toru kokonui noni

Kia kotahi me te hautoru kapu puehu parāoa kounga

Kia kotahi me te haurua kokoiti tote

Kia kotahi paraka tiakarete hānati

Kia 1.25 rita noni

Huka Hinamona

Kia toru hauwhā kapu huka one

Kia rua me te haurua kokoiti hinamona


1. Riringihia atu te miraka, wai, me te huka hāura ki te oko nui. Kaurorihia kia rewa ai te huka.

2. Ruia te īhi tere ki runga. Koheritia. Waiho mō te rima miniti.

3. Raua atu kia 2 kapu puehu parāoa me te noni ki rō ranunga īhi. Whakaranuhia kite koheri.

4. Tūpokina ki te tī taora mō te 20 miniti kia rewa ake ai te pokenga.

5. Tukua te toenga o te puehu parāoa me te tote ki te oko. Whakaranuhia.

6. Kia 30 nga wā koe e kume, e pōkai ana. Kūmea te pokenga mai i te taha o te oko, waiho kiwaenganui. Hurihiate oko ki te hurihanga hauwhā. Hāere tonu kia 30 nga hurihanga.

7. Tūpokina ki te tī tāora mō tētahi hāora me te 15 miniti kia rewa ake anō te pokenga.

8. Ka tino rite ana te pokenga, tapahia kia 12 ngā wāhanga pokenga.

9. Tīkina tētahi o ngā pokenga, ā, tāpirihiaatu ngā tiakarete e toru ki runga. Pōkaitia ngā taha kiwaenganui. Kinitia te pokenga. Waiho ki tētahi heri, pania ki te noni. Me pērā te mahi ki ngāpokenga katoa.

10. Waiho te katoa o aua pokenga kia rewa ake mō te 35 ki te 45 miniti.

11.I a rātou e tipu ana,whakaritea te huka hinamona. Whakaranuhia te huka one me tehinamona ki tētahi pereti āhua rahi.

12. Whakamahanatia te noni kia 165 ki te 175 te pāmahana, ki rō hōpane rino kia rewa ai.

13. Paraitia ngā pokenga ki roto i te noni wera, e rua miniti mō ia taha.Kātahi, pōkaitia ki roto ite huka hinamona. E kai!


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