Gin lovers rejoice, Azabu Mission Bay is hosting a dinner series just for you

In Japanese culinary culture, the concept of ‘shun’ refers to the exact moment at which a food has achieved its peak flavour. Crucial to the Japanese growing season, this concept helps to ensure that fruits, vegetables and meats are cultivated and enjoyed at their most delicious, and it’s something that Azabu Mission Bay is capitalising on for its upcoming Omakase dinner series, with Roku Gin.

Highlighting the six unique botanicals of Roku Gin, diners will be treated to a sensory experience as they are guided by the principle of ‘shun,’ through a culinary exploration of the seasons. Expertly-paired gin and food combinations will serve to offer delicious insight into the harvesting of each of Roku Gin’s botanicals, not only offering diners a deeper understanding of this gin’s complex flavour, but an immersive dining experience like no other.

Each of the three Omakase dinners, scheduled for the 25th of March, the 1st of April and the 22nd of April, are set to be unmissable, delectable affairs. That in mind, we suggest securing your spot now. Tickets are available here.


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