In a bid to brighten up your week with some blooms, we round up the best florists in Auckland

While typically, flowers are favoured for special occasions, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and for cheering someone up who might be having a bad day, they are also just beautiful to have around the house — the best way to bring life to a space (particularly while the weather remains decidedly wintry). So, in the name of encouraging you to get out and pick up some fresh flowers for no other reason than to simply infuse your home with some fresh colour, we have rounded up the best florists in Auckland — you’re welcome.

Left: Grace and Flora  Right: Blush

Grace And Flora, Parnell

Inspired by her passion for connecting with people and with nature, Hannah Low started Grace and Flora in 2017, and then, in 2021, moved her operation to the exquisite Faradays luxury department store. There, visitors will find Low’s exceptional arrangements at the entrance of the shop, filling the space with an air of colourful optimism. After all, Low’s bouquets are beloved for their big, bold presence and their sculptural shapes, and are perfectly suited to sit alongside the latest collections from the likes of Loewe, Celine and more.

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Blush, Commercial Bay

Founded by Kelly Karam, who has been in the floristry business for over 20 years, Blush has become a household name for those in search of a luxurious bouquet or arrangement. The company imparts floral finesse to countless weddings and events, while also brightening up everyday occasions for customers from its retail store in Commercial Bay.

La Femme Fleur, Remuera

Inspired by the flower artisans of Paris’ Montmartre, Florist Millie Austin started La Femme Fleur nearly 10 years ago with a flower truck in Cox’s Bay. Now based in Remuera’s Bloodworth Park, Austin is continuing to build on her already-prolific reputation as a master of her art, creating eye-popping bouquets that play with exquisite colour combinations and high-quality blooms, always sourced fresh from growers and wrapped in La Femme Fleur’s decidedly chic (and unassuming) brown paper.

Isadia Floral, Auckland CBD

Helmed by Isabel Johnston and Lydia Reusser, Isadia is a floristry studio that creates arrangements that feel more akin to art than the typical bouquet. Known for their intuitive and naturalistic floral creations, this duo has built a name for the unique ways in which they fashion locally-sourced, seasonal flowers into unstructured but elegant ensembles. If you’re looking for something slightly out of the ordinary but utterly breathtaking, look no further.

Left: Flowers After Hours  Right: The Botanist

The Botanist, Newmarket

Known for their unconventional approach, the team at The Botanist is well versed in creating floral arrangements that are perfectly balanced between wild and polished. From corporate to weddings and individual clients, there is no occasion that doesn’t benefit from The Botanist’s impressive and unique aesthetic.

Flowers After Hours, Parnell

Established in 1990, Flowers After Hours draws inspiration from the worlds of fashion and design to inform its stunning floral creations. From their colourful Parnell store, this team of talented florists lend their hands to an array of blooming beauties with the same degree of utmost passion every time.

Rose Tinted Flowers, Ponsonby

As renowned for its striking wedding and event installations as it is for the more simple bouquets it creates out of its Ponsonby Central studio, Rose Tinted Flowers has long been a fixture on the Auckland florist scene. There, the team creates whimsical, sometimes surprising combinations that never fail to delight with their perfectly put-together palettes and eye-catching ensembles.

Kensal Flower Studio, Kingsland

Kingsland-based Kensal Flower Studio was initially started out of the home of owner Liv Wakem, who, after demand quickly grew for her beautiful bouquets, opened her own studio space on the Kingsland high street (and has never looked back). There is a lovely femininity to Liv’s blooms and the careful way she assembles each bouquet, characterised by bright, uplifting colours and a kind of organised chaos that really draws the eye.

Greenpoint Florist, Grey Lynn

After setting up her own, dream operation in 2018, Georgie Malyon has made a name for herself as a florist with a particularly artistic and sculptural eye. Greenpoint’s bouquets stand out for their meticulous and moody arrangements, where bold colours and unique blooms are brought together in showstopping harmony.

Left: Flowers On Franklin  Right: Brooklyn Flowers

Brooklyn Flowers, Ponsonby

Started by Brook Thompson, Brooklyn Flowers is one florist we know we can rely on if in need of a last-minute bouquet. Offering same-day and ‘urgent’ delivery options, this Ponsonby mainstay will endeavour to whip together a beautiful bouquet, even if you’ve left it to the very last minute (which, let’s be honest, happens a lot). Offering the kinds of flowers that really will brighten up someone’s day, Brooklyn has become a go-to of ours for a reason.

Flowers of Franklin, Ponsonby

Specialising in flowers for corporate events and functions, although also known to deliver some seriously impressive bouquets too, when called on to do so, Flowers of Franklin is easily one of the best florists in Auckland and is highly sought-after for its creations that err on the side of subtle sophistication.

Where Rosemary Grows, Kaipara

Creating whimsical and unique floral arrangements, Anna Dobson started Where Rosemary Grows after a life-long love for floristry. Now, she actually grows most of her own flowers in her small Auckland cutting garden and only sources when she has to from a select few local growers. Her beautiful blooms are grown without chemical sprays and only with natural fertilisers, and her aesthetic reflects the naturalism of her process — perfectly romantic for the day of love.

Cartier for Flowers, Newmarket

This florist has been a Parnell institution for well over 70 years. In fact, it is believed to be the oldest existing florist business in Auckland (and possibly, New Zealand). Having honed their craft over such a long and storied history, the tea, Cartier for Flowers certainly knows what they’re doing, whether it’s for a small, personal bouquet or a more significant event installation or wedding.

Left: Vida Flores  Right: Floracentric

Vida Flores, Newmarket

Offering a range of stunning, individually-created bouquets tailored to exactly what you might need, Vida Flores, helmed by Davina Prankerd, should be on everyone’s list of go-to florists. Its arrangements offer a slightly modern twist on traditional bouquets, with vibrant flowers that promise to brighten up anyone’s day.

Floralcentric, Grafton

Another name that specialises in wedding and event blooms (but shouldn’t be passed up for an individual bouquet, either) Floracentric is a contemporary floristry studio offering arrangements that are sleek and sophisticated while also feeling decidedly modern and grounded in the now, each artistically put together in what feels like a careful and purposeful way.

Nina for Flowers, Ponsonby

Known for her bouquets that are wild, and romantic and that truly showcase the beauty of each, individual flower, Nina Powierza has been working in this industry for over 30 years — and her expertise shows. Nina for Flowers is one of Auckland’s most beloved florists for its blooms that promise to turn heads and brighten any room.


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