Want to support Kiwis struggling with their mental health? These two charities are making a difference

It’s no secret that the statistics around New Zealand’s poor mental health are staggering. Our nation’s rates of mental health challenges are shockingly disproportionate to the rest of the world, and often, it’s our most vulnerable communities that are the most impacted. But increasingly, we’re seeing heed paid to an issue that has long been shied away from — with a growing number of entities doing incredible work inspiring Kiwis to speak up and seek support. These are two charities making a difference. 


How to help: Donate, fundraise, tell your story, shop VOH merchandise, or simply share an encouraging message on the Voices of Hope website

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Voices Of Hope is doing important work in changing the narrative around mental health, spreading hope through the voices of those with lived experience. Conceived by Jazz Thornton and Genevieve Mora, the local charity seeks to provide a safe place for people facing mental health challenges, so they can feel inspired, supported and empowered to share their struggles. VOH harnesses the power of connection via their storytelling platform to bring about a better understanding of mental health, promoting help-seeking behaviours, offering useful resources, and ultimately, spreading hope. 

Learn more about Jazz Thornton’s inspiring story and her work in mental health here.



How to help: Donate, fundraise, become an ambassador, or shop IAH merchandise 

With a strapline that reads ‘Normalising mental health. It’s just a conversation.’ I Am Hope, founded by comedian Mike King, has one goal: to incite positive societal attitudinal change. It’s well known that the youth population of New Zealand struggles with distressing self-talk and overthinking, and without the knowledge that these feelings are universal, they’re left feeling isolated and alone. I Am Hope does incredible work in showing kids that these thoughts aren’t unique to them, increasing the likelihood of them opening up and seeking help, and providing support when they do.

Learn more about Mike King’s inspiring story and his work in mental health here.



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