Fight the freeze with these warming, winter spa treatments to book this week

Heat has been used as a healing tool for centuries, with the earliest concepts of saunas dating back to Northern European villages in 2000 BCWith mounting evidence indicating hot therapy can detox the body, assist in weight management and boost the metabolism, accelerate recovery and healing and increase blood flow, who are we to refute its prowess? (Especially in wintry temperatures like these.) It is a philosophy long-pioneered by one of Auckland’s most luxurious spas, East Day Spa, where a series of warming treatments are designed to give us that restorative boost we so crave at this time of year. Here are three of our favourites.

Infrared Sauna

One of the latest additions to East Day Spa’s stable is its new Clearlight Infrared Saunas, which allow you to either arrive for a solo session or add it to one of your other treatments to extend your wellbeing experience. These sublime spaces provide a personal sanctuary where clients can bask in warmth and comfort. The healing infrared light penetrates the body, removing toxins, relieving muscle pain, boosting metabolism, alleviating joint stiffness, improving skin health, and even diminishing the appearance of cellulite. Whether you enjoy this serene space alone or with a friend, the saunas promise a transformative, warming experience.

Hot Stone Massage

We’re very well acquainted with East Day Spa’s famous Hot Stone Massage — an utterly indulgent experience that promotes relaxation through added warmth. In this 75-minute treatment, heated volcanic stones are used to glide over the body for a warm and soothing massage combined with energy-balancing techniques that guide you into the most profound state of relaxation. You can quite literally feel the heat melting any tension away; it’s nothing short of bliss.

The Tepidarium

The Tepidarium is a purpose-built warm relaxation room that almost oozes bliss. Five Italian stone-heated loungers emit a radiant, gentle heat designed to gently melt away muscle tension and encourage the mind to unwind. It is the perfect space to surrender your body to complete relaxation, whether before or after a treatment or simply as a peaceful vacation from the outside world. Sessions in the East Tepidarium can be enjoyed for as little as 30 minutes, accommodating a maximum of five people per session for an intimate and exclusive experience.


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