East Day Spa unveils its new heat-therapy zones

In the wellbeing realm, where the pursuit of ultimate indulgence is neverending, East Day Spa has long been a leader of the pack and a beacon of constant innovation. Recently, its flagship location, an oasis-like spa in the heart of Auckland’s CBD, has undergone a breathtaking metamorphosis. Reflective of the East Day Spa team’s unwavering commitment to redefining the essence of the spa experience, the refurbished space now radiates an aura of opulence and serenity that is simply unrivalled, and boasts a series of new spaces in which clients can find relaxation and rejuvenation on a whole other level.

The new interior of East Day Spa has been carefully designed to create a contemporary haven of calm. Curved accents and luxurious materials combine harmoniously, allowing visitors to escape their busy, daily lives to a world of tranquillity and peace. The spa now boasts state-of-the-art facilities and treatments catering to every wellness need, including a highly-anticipated Tepidarium and Sauna Space.

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East Day Spa Sauna

The Tepidarium is a purpose-built warm relaxation room that almost oozes bliss. Five Italian stone-heated loungers emit a radiant, gentle heat, designed to gently melt away muscle tension and encourage the mind to unwind. It is the perfect space to surrender your body to complete relaxation, whether before or after a treatment or simply as a peaceful vacation from the outside world. Sessions in the East Tepidarium can be enjoyed for as little as 30 minutes, accommodating a maximum of five people per session for an intimate and exclusive experience.

For those seeking heat therapy on a deeper level, East Day Spa now also offers a new range of Clearlight Infrared Saunas. These sublime spaces provide a personal sanctuary where clients can bask in warmth and comfort. The healing infrared light penetrates the body, removing toxins, relieving muscle pain, boosting metabolism, alleviating joint stiffness, improving skin health, and even diminishing the appearance of cellulite. Whether you enjoy this serene space alone or with a friend, the new saunas promise a transformative experience.

East Day Spa Sauna

Founded in 2002, East Day Spa has locations in Auckland, Wellington and Bali. The team’s dedication to exceeding guests’ expectations is evident in the spas’ extensive treatment menus, offering more than 70 options that encompass both Eastern remedies and cutting-edge European skincare — this latest foray into heat therapy is just one example. 

Really, there’s no better opportunity to escape the stresses of daily life than with East Day Spa’s newly unveiled Tepidarium and Sauna Space. Here, you can surrender to complete relaxation, rejuvenate your body and emerge feeling entirely refreshed and ready to take on anything.



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