Skincare switch-up: Five ways to update your skin regimen for summer

As the weather gets warmer, it’s important to change your skincare to adhere to the conditions that will be affecting your visage. More sun means increased importance on SPF, while higher humidity and sweating means paring back the richness of your moisturiser. Here, we line up five simple ways that you can update your summer skincare regimen to retain your glow for the months ahead.

1. Lighten up

Opt for a lighter, foaming cleanser over a heavier oil-based one and swap the hefty day and night creams for something more lightweight, like a gel moisturiser. 

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2. Double down on vitamin C

If you haven’t already, invest in a good vitamin C serum. Using this is incredibly important in summer because of the ways it can help to prevent hyperpigmentation.  

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3. Remember to exfoliate

This step is crucial for clearing pores that might be clogged with sunscreen, sweat and saltwater. But be aware, if you choose to use an AHA exfoliating product, your skin will become extra-sensitive to the sun, so be vigilant with your SPF.

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4. Go for non-comedogenic

Look out for ingredients that are considered comedogenic, or pore-blocking. If you’re unsure, check on a website like, which invites you to copy and paste ingredient lists and highlights all of the inclusions that are comedogenic. 

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5. Hydration is key 

Focus on hydration in your skincare routine over the summer months to offset the environmental effects. Whether it’s a hyaluronic acid serum or a hydrating mask that you use once or twice a week, this is an imperative step in maintaining your glow.

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