Lady Million Royal

Rabanne gives two of its most famous fragrances a regal reimagining with 1 Million Royal and Lady Million Royal — new icons for a new era

In the ever-evolving realm of fragrance, Rabanne has long been a leader. Known for creating scents that have retained their sought-after status, long after launching, this iconic brand is once again proving itself a vanguard with the launch of the much-anticipated 1 Million Royal Parfum and Lady Million Royal Parfum. Fragrances that build on the success of their predecessors, these two scents represent a bold new era in Rabanne’s olfactory excellence and encapsulate the spirit of empowered masculinity and defiant femininity.

In creating the 1 Million Royal Parfum, Rabanne revisited the legendary 1 Million, a fragrance that, 15 years ago, redefined contemporary masculinity. The new iteration, crafted by the globally renowned noses of Quentin Bisch and Christopher Raynaud, is a thrilling blend of energising lavender, vibrant cedar, and a touch of magnetic benzoin. The fragrance pays homage to the original’s woody and spicy essence while introducing modern elements such as sustainable AmbrofixTM made from sugar cane, as well as aromatic notes of French lavender oil and clary sage oil alongside violet and patchouli.

1 Million Royal Parfum Ingredients

The recognisable gold ingot bottle of the original has also received a regal makeover, now sleek and architectural with accents of majestic red. It is a nod to the brand’s message of encouraging men to embrace their most flamboyant and authentic selves in every sense and represents the strength of the scent it holds perfectly — a bold new chapter that pays homage to its iconic origins. As its creators Bisch and Raynaud say, 1 Million Royal is “A fragrance born from a quest for absolute quality… adding certain materials and unveiling the marriage of most noble ingredients.”

1 Million Royal & Lady Million Royal

On the feminine front, Lady Million Royal Eau de Parfum emerges as a manifesto for unconstrained femininity. A fresh take on the Lady Million of 12 years ago, this new iteration was crafted by perfumers Anne Flipo and Domitille Michalon-Bertier and is a celebration of confident, glamorous sensuality for women who are unafraid of claiming the spotlight. Here, a fruity floral blend takes centre stage, where juicy pomegranate meets a floral bouquet of jasmine sambac, tuberose, and orange blossom, all of which is anchored by a unique molecule created by IFF’s R&D called ‘Cashmeran’. This final ingredient gives the scent its velvety, woody nature, where hints of amber and musk deliver a sophisticated and sensual finish.

Again, the iconic diamond-like bottle has been perfectly reimagined with a royal touch. Adorned with a bold, fearless and eye-catching red floral design, the Lady Million Royal reflects the many facets of femininity.

Lady Million Royal Eau de Parfum Ingredients

And if the reimagined scents and update bottles weren’t enough, both Lady Million Royal and 1 Million Royal are fronted by Simona Kust and Joey Bada$$ respectively, both figures who embody the fearless spirit of these fragrances in their fields of modelling (Kust) and of music and acting (Joey Bada$$). Through their work, they encourage all of us to break free from convention and live life on our own terms, just like Rabanne’s new fragrances.

As Rabanne continues to redefine the boundaries of fragrance, 1 Million Royal Parfum and Lady Million Royal Parfum stand as powerful symbols of confident self-expression and timeless elegance. These are not just scents; they are statements and invitations to embrace individuality and live our lives with majestic flair.

Shop Paco Rabanne 1 Million Royal Parfum and Lady Million Royal Parfum here and here.


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