Montblanc’s divine new fragrance is transporting us to far-flung corners of the globe

A perfume or a cologne is far more than just a simple scent. Fragrances can act as a key, one which unlocks treasured memories, or — more often — as an invitation to some of the world’s finest locations. A crisp citrus scent, for example, can transport you to the sun-dappled Mediterranean coast, while a whiff of frangipani serves as a ticket to the warm tropics of the Pacific Islands. Rarely, however, does a scent whisk you off to three corners of the globe simultaneously — at least not in the way that Explorer, the new fragrance from Montblanc, does.

Brought to life by the renowned perfumers from fragrance house Givaudan, Jordi Fernandez, Entoine Maisondeieu and Olivier Perscheux, Explorer is the embodiment of how different tastes can harmonise to create one remarkable finished product. Each a keen traveller, the perfumers have added an ingredient that is specific to their favourite location, creating an overall scent that carries the wearer on a neverending journey. Fernandez’s addition, for example, takes us to the island of Sulawesi, deep into the Indonesian rainforest, where a unique type of patchouli blooms. The scent of the plant, sharp with a distinctive woody allure, is what gives Explorer its subtle sensuality.

A top note of bergamot, an inclusion from Maisondieu, conjures up the citrus fruit’s native Italy. Floral and intensely fresh, the fruity component reveals a bright and energetic side to the fragrance. As the bergamot notes give way to a more earthy, herbaceous smell, Explorer transfers the wearer from the European citrus orchards to the sun-drenched, Carribean country of Haiti — where the most exquisitely refined vetiver grows in abundance. Vetiver, a type of bunchgrass, evokes a gentle, smoky tone of hazelnut, one which transforms the energetic side of the fragrance into a more mature, musky finish.

An entire travel journal wrapped up into one, sublime scent, Montblanc’s Explorer manages to achieve what so few fragrances have done before. And it should come as no surprise, really. Montblanc is synonymous with the art of travel and is a brand that — whether via leather bound passport holders or sleek carry-ons — continuously inspires us to hop on a plane and ship ourselves off to wonderful destinations around the world. Italy, the Pacific Islands and Haiti, thanks to Montblanc, are now top of our travel list.


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