Keep your hair looking great on vacation with these shampoo and conditioner bars

We’ve all been there, packing for a trip, trying to fit all of our favourite toiletries into a small bag without sacrificing any step in our wellbeing routines. The traditional shampoo and conditioner duo can take up space and add unnecessary weight to our luggage, but they are an unwavering essential when days are spent in and out of salty water. So it begs the question: what’s one to do?

Enter Ecostore and its coveted line of solid shampoo and conditioner bars. Made from plant and mineral-based ingredients, the bars are vegan and 100% soap-free with a mild pH. They come in a compact and easy-to-pack form, making them perfect for out-of-town travel this long weekend.

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Cleverly, Ecostore has crafted the shampoo bars in four innovative formulations, catering to different hair types. The Normal Shampoo uses argan and coconut oils to hydrate issue-free hair, while jojoba oil and shea butter found in the Dry & Damaged Shampoo Bar nourish and smooth distressed locks. In the Volumising Shampoo Bar, kale protein helps to volumize and strengthen fine hair, and flaxseed oil found in the Smoothing Shampoo Bar tames curly locks. Removing any potential confusion, the Nourishing Conditioner Bar locks in moisture for all hair types.

Not only are these bars convenient for travel, they also provide the same luxurious lather and scrub as their liquid counterparts. Each bar offers approximately 60 washes packed in recyclable cardboard packaging, allowing for clean, deliciously-scented and nourished hair without bulky and unnecessary plastic bottles.

Ultimately, Ecostore’s solid shampoo and conditioner bars are not only a more convenient and eco-friendly option for travel, but they also provide quality hair care. It’s a small change that can make a significant impact, both for our hair and for the environment — an essential to help us travel lightly through the new year.


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