Hitting the slopes this winter? Four simple tips for getting fit for the season — fast

Ski season is baring down upon us far more swiftly than we ever imagined, with our southern slopes poised to open to the masses in the coming weeks. Regardless if you fancy yourself somewhat of a gun on the runs or will happily admit there’s likely room for improvement, most of us find common ground in being woefully out of touch with our snow-centric fitness. Rather than calling it a day and prematurely making tracks to après or deigning ourselves to suffering (and endless saunas) afterwards, we sought out some of the easiest things one can do to get fit for the looming ski season, fast.

Isometric Holds

These moves, like planks, lunges and wall sits, involve holding a position without changing the length of your muscles, making them a game-changer for your snow skills. With the ability to develop stability in the positions required for skiing, isometric exercises are a necessary evil. If you’re new to stability work, it’s recommended that you add these into your routine for at least two months before hitting the slopes.

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However, if you’re already somewhat active, you’ll get away with adding them in now, and finding creative ways to integrate them into your daily routine can be the perfect solution. For example, try holding a squat while brushing your teeth or a plank while waiting for the kettle to boil. Trust us; you’ll be feeling stable and strong much faster than anticipated.

Cycling & Spin Classes

Cycling is the perfect crossover sport that’ll have you hitting the slopes with more confidence (and endurance). Not only does it build lower body strength, but it’s also low impact and fantastic for improving cardiovascular fitness. Whether you’re going for a long-distance ride or a quick sprint, this workout is sure to give you the challenge you need to keep up with the kids.

And, as an added bonus, a morning bike ride can help reset your circadian rhythm and lead to better sleep. Because let’s face it, a well-rested body and mind are essential before tackling those trickier runs. So, strap on your helmet and get pedalling. Your ski trip will thank you.


When last-minute prepping for your winter south, don’t fret about making drastic dietary changes. Instead, incorporate small, positive habits that will make a world of difference. Boosting your protein intake can help repair and build muscle, while feasting on a rainbow of fruits and veggies guarantees your body’s needs for essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are met. Decreasing refined sugar intake can also help with inflammation and recovery time. Remember, it’s all about addition, not restriction.


In this realm, injury prevention is key. Regular stretching can help prevent injury and correct any postural imbalances in the body before hitting the slopes. To elevate the intensity, fascial stretch therapy sessions are available to release tension and balance out intense physical training. Alternatively, to add a touch of relaxation, yoga can incorporate both types of stretching and offer some much-needed calm before hitting the slopes. After a long day on the mountain, stretch classes that include myofascial release, postural reset, and foam rolling can help you feel refreshed and reset. But then again, a glass of wine should do that too.


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