From face cream to bubble bath, these all-natural products the best for babies and little ones

Taking care of little ones safely and comfortably shouldn’t have to be a laborious task, but with so many beauty and bathroom products on the market doing more bad than good it can be hard finding truly safe, nourishing, and comfort-giving goods. That being said, we’ve curated a list of the finest and most luxurious products designed to keep babies and kids cleansed, nourished, fragranced and healthy — from specially curated soap infused with goats milk and lavender to a soapy, safe bottle of bubble-bath.

The Face Cream
When it comes to picking out skincare for the faces of tots, it’s extra important to find products that are safe, protecting and nourishing for their extra sensitive skin. Dr Barbara Sturm’s fragrance-free Baby & Kids Face Cream fits the bill, boasting a soothing blend of anti-inflammatory marigold and repairing amaranth. The extra addition of jojoba and almond oil to the formula ensures the skin is left plump and luxuriously soft.

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The Toothpaste
Ecostore is doing everything in its power to make brushing one’s gnashers a far more enjoyable and safe task for tiny ones. Not only is its Kids Toothpaste gentle on little mouths, but the gel-based formula has a wholly natural strawberry flavour, too — meaning that it’s still sweet to the taste, but completely free from artificial colours, flavours, fluoride, parabens, SLS, triclosan or any added sugar. (NB: Ecostore, to guarantee the whole oral care process is safe and comfortable for the younger lot, have also created an extra soft, small-headed and sustainably produced Kids Toothbrush.)

The Soap
Ecostore’s Baby Soap is specially designed with baby skin in mind, combining creamy goat’s milk and lavender essential oil to create a nourishing and fragrant bar. An added dose of Vitamin E — alongside a strict no-nasties policy — ensures that the formula cleanses without breaking down the natural oils found in the skin.

The Bathtime Enhancer
Cruelty-free brand Pineapple Heads is making certain that bathtime is upgraded the safe way with its Sleepyhead Bubble Bath. The soapy potion combines a blend of somniferous chamomile and lotus flower — meaning that not only is bathtime easier, but bedtime is too.

The Body Cream
Catering to the body as well as the face, Kiehl’s Nurturing Baby Cream moisturises and soothes delicate skin with a gentle formula enriched with all-natural, plant-based ingredients — including vanilla and various fruits. Perfect for after-bathtime use.


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