Left to right: Ooh-Fa, Omni and Eden Noodles.

From dumplings to dessert, Denizen’s definitive guide to dining on Dominion Road

Dominion Road, stretching on for 7.3km from Mount Eden to Mount Roskill, boasts an array of cafes and restaurants. And with so many options available, simply choosing one place to go is an almost impossible task. As such, we have rounded up a list of some of our favourites, whether you’re in search of a morning coffee, a lunchtime drop-in or a delicious dinner.

Keep in mind, however, that while we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll like at one of the places we recommend, spontaneity and taking chances are two key factors to getting the most out of Dominion Road. So just as we underwent a process of trial and error, if you come across an off-the-beaten-track spot that you want to try, we encourage you to do so. The real beauty of this road is that it contains some of the most delightful hidden gems we’ve ever found.

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La Voie Francaise

Morning Fix

La Voie Francaise
Although Dominion Road is renowned for its varied options when it comes to Asian cuisine, it’s also home to one of the best French bakeries in Auckland. La Voie Francaise has become a destination spot with punters lining up out the door on weekend mornings just to get their pastry fix. This bakery is also one of the rare ones in town that makes a kouign-amann, which is a croissant that has been coated in sugar and caramelised to provide the ultimate crispy, buttery experience.
875 Dominion Road

Forage Cafe
Dominion Road locals swear by Forage Cafe because apparently, the baristas at this place brew the best coffee in the neighbourhood. This spot also has a variety of sandwiches, sweets and savouries on offer that change regularly, and seasonal salads that can be served with a choice of spiced lamb, shredded chicken or halloumi.
90 Dominion Road

Try something different and have a Chinese style breakfast at Bunhut. Rather than falling back on the classic eggs on toast, step out of your comfort zone and opt for a jian bing guo zi. It’s a Chinese savoury crepe made from a light batter and fried egg, slathered with hoisin and chilli sauce and then filled with shredded vegetables and a fried bread stick. If you’re wanting something sweet, however, a simple red bean steamed bun accompanied by a warm glass of soy milk will do the trick.
563 Dominion Road

Paasha Turkish Kitchen


Paasha Turkish Kitchen
Should a craving for excellent Turkish food hit you, we recommend you hot-foot it to Paasha Turkish Kitchen, stat. Prioritising high quality ingredients and truly mouth watering grill techniques with their shish kebabs, hot flat bread wraps, pita pockets and more, this spot is the place to go for some of the best Turkish takeaway in town.
261 Dominion Road

Chongqing Noodles
Noodles are, after all, what most people come to Dominion Road for and Chongqing is one of the best places to get them. The broth of these noodles is less oily than other places we have tried but still contains the same amounts of spice and flavour. The rice noodles with braised beef is a dish you can never go wrong with. The beef is so tender that it melts in your mouth while the chewy texture of the noodles contrasts against the soft, succulent meat.
340 Dominion Road

Jolin Shanghai
There are dumplings and then there are soup dumplings, otherwise referred to as xiaolongbao. Restaurants that serve this delicacy are hard to find in this city due to the fact that making them requires a high level of skill. Filled with rich meat soup, usually made from pork, the little xiaolongbao pockets from Jolin Shanghai are freshly made to order and boast thicker skins than traditional soup dumplings which imbues them with a chewier texture.
248 Dominion Road

Left: Tasca. Right: Sha Xian Snack.

Upon first glance, you might think that Tasca is just a little cafe. What you don’t see, however, is that this Spanish eatery has an olive garden and spacious courtyard out the back, making it the perfect spot for a long lunch. In terms of food, while there are many flavourful and delicious options, be sure to order the calamares — you’ll thank us later.
338 Dominion Road

Sha Xian Snack
Another delicacy that has people driving to Dominion Road is spicy dumplings. Sha Xian Snack’s dumplings are unique because diners are given the option to change their dumpling filling instead of having to settle for predominantly pork. Sha Xian Snack also serves an oyster pie which is a deep-fried morsel packed with pickled vegetables and a juicy oyster — truly a one-of-a-kind dish.
285 Dominion Road

Left: The Bridgman. Right: Ralph’s.


The Bridgman
Those seeking a buzzing, local spot in Mt Eden needn’t look further than welcoming gastropub The Bridgman, having taken over an iconic site in April last year. Opened by Sean Lee (with business partner Andy Barnett) The Bridgman is just what Dominion Road needed for a long time, and offers an elevated bar and bistro experience that has made it a popular watering hole for locals. With a delicious menu of satiating dishes (think a fresher take on traditional pub fare) and a comprehensive cocktail and drinks offering, this gastropub is the perfect drop-in for drinks with friends or an after-work bite.
234 Dominion Road

Take a break at casual eatery and bar, Ralph’s. With a variety of Parrotdog beers on tap, a wide selection of Garage Project brews and an impressive snack and burger menu, Ralph’s is the go-to spot for a quick refuel. The jalapeño poppers and curly fries are both absolute must-tries, but if you’re wanting more of a meal, make a beeline for the Easy Cheesy Wagyu beef burger.
225B Dominion Road

Left: Ooh-Fa. Right: Omni.


An intimate space that elevates the idea of the classic pizza parlour, Ooh-Fa is the second spot from the culinary minds behind Pici and has been perpetually popular since opening last year. From its comfortable, warm atmosphere (thanks to the woodfire oven and low lighting) to the considered menu of delectable pizzas and sides, this 22-seater restaurant is the perfect neighbourhood spot to drop into and catch up with friends over a slice or two and some delectable wine. We recommend booking to secure your spot.
357 Dominion Road

Despite being one of the newest kids on the block, Omni has already carved out a solid reputation for serving up some of Dominion Road’s tastiest eats. A succinct, original menu of yakitori and small sharing dishes sits alongside an excellent wine list of predominantly natural wines. Don’t leave without trying the katsu sando with juicy panko-coated chicken patty, a signature dish that must be tried at least once (we won’t blame you if you order double).
359 Dominion Road

Eden Noodles Cafe

Eden Noodles Cafe
This iconic spot hardly needs any introduction, but if you haven’t visited Eden Noodles Cafe, we suggest you ask yourself what you’ve been doing this whole time. With locations now in the CBD and in Albany, diners city-wide can enjoy the signature sichuan-laced dishes from Eden Noodles — but we always love visiting the bustling Dominion Road outpost (provided the queue isn’t too long). Sign us up for some thick noodles with dandan sauce, some vegetarian dumplings in spicy sauce and, of course, a cucumber salad.
105 Dominion Road

Hot & Spicy Pot
You don’t know what spicy food is until you’ve sampled the highest spice level at Hot & Spicy Pot. At this restaurant, what goes into your dish is all up to you. Just grab a stainless steel bowl, some tongs and get creative. With a variety of vegetables, noodles, meats and seafood on offer, all you need to do is pick and mix your favourites, tell the chefs how spicy you want to go and let them do the rest. Be warned though, that even the medium level of spice at this restaurant has been known to leave people teary-eyed, so you can only imagine what the effect of the top tier might be.
605 Dominion Road

Gogo Music Cafe
Cheap and cheerful is the best way to explain Gogo Music Cafe. Although it has a few branches around Auckland, the one on Dominion Road is the original, the biggest and quite frankly, the best. Take a big group and order a bowl of the spicy chicken casserole with hand-pulled noodles, the $1 lamb skewers and some Tsing Tao beer. Devoured among Gogo Music Cafe’s loud and buzzing atmosphere, it’s a fun and memorable experience.
559 Dominion Road

Mr Hao

Mr Hao
Having joined the line-up at the start of last year, Mr Hao offers authentic bursts of Shanghai-inspired flavour with dishes such as the Numbing Chicken, a dish which sees gently fried chicken drowning in a delicious sea of chillies and numbing Sichuan peppers. Inspired by Shanghai’s late-night bar scene, Mr Hao is just the place for a relaxed get-together. Alongside the infamous Numbing Chicken, you’ll find a range of tasty skewers, noodles and irresistible grilled seafood, plus a refreshing tea cocktail on tap.
365 Dominion Road

Wang Wang Spring Pancake
This place is one of Dominion Road’s hidden gems and one that hasn’t failed us yet. Wang Wang Spring Pancake specialises in pancake wraps, similar to the ones used for Peking duck. But here, diners are given the freedom to order whatever meats and vegetables they want to fill their pancakes with. While everything is delicious, we recommend the stir fried shredded potato, the dry fried green beans with pork mince, and the fried eggplant with mushrooms and tofu.
704 Dominion Road

Spicy House
The chilli fried boneless chicken served here has made quite a name for itself and after you taste it, you’ll understand the hype. The chicken is seasoned with a copious amount of chilli and is perfectly cooked so that once you sample it for the first time, you’ll be addicted for life (seriously). The fried rice is also an excellent dish and is elevated to new heights when pork hock is added, seeing a thick, tasty sauce poured over the bed of fluffy rice.
557 Dominion Road

Left: Cazador. Right: Tiger Burger.

Forget being one of the best restaurants on Dominion Road, Cazador is one of the best spots in Auckland full stop. This restaurant serves unique dishes that showcase ethical ingredients and sustainable cooking principles by making use of all parts of the animal being served, instead of only offering cuts like the breast or belly. The menu changes depending on the availability of ingredients but the charcuterie platter is a staple and for good reason. Combined with its seamless service and lush ambience, Cazador is a must for any Aucklander.
854 Dominion Road

Tiger Burger
Renowned for slinging epic burgers with a flavoursome, Korean-fusion twist, Tiger Burger has opened a new outpost on Dominion Road. The perfect place to stop in for a tasty bite, Tiger Burger’s new location offers its signature menu of award-winning burgers (like the Double Kimcheese), and delectable sides (the Korean Fried Chicken and the K-Fries loaded with sauce are non-negotiables).
590 Dominion Road

Udon Works
A cosy and compact Japanese eatery, Udon Works is home to some of the best noodle soups in town. Simple yet delicious, a big bowl of their warming broth with some thick udon noodles will leave you feeling like all is right with the world. Udon Works also has a menu of cold noodle dishes and delicious donburi with rice, with a variety of vegetable, meat and seafood options available — plus some of the best tempura we’ve tried.
633 Dominion Road

Left: Meet Fresh. Right: The Gateau House.


Meet Fresh
Take a trip to Meet Fresh for a Taiwanese take on dessert. Taiwanese desserts tend to be lighter, less sweet and lean more towards the refreshing side rather than being too sugary. The mango shaved ice is a fruity delight but if you want something more decadent, the freshly made waffles are always a good idea.
533 Dominion Road

The Gateau House
Despite what the name of this bakery might indicate, it is certainly not your run-of-the-mill cake shop. The Gateau House specialises in South Korean pastries which include red-bean-filled buns that are topped with cookie crumble alongside a wide variety of delicate cakes. Our favourite is the kumara cake — a light and fluffy sponge layered with whipped cream and sweet potato mousse.
375 Dominion Road


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