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Denizen’s definitive Christmas Gift Guide: What to buy the gourmand in your life

If someone special in your life is passionate about cooking or just considers themselves a dedicated ‘foodie,’ treat them to a selection of sleek kitchen accoutrements that are as practical as they are polished. From elevated tableware to precise chefs knives to sculptural salt-and-pepper shakers, these are the essential kitchen-adjacent accessories and tools that the gourmand in your life will simply love this Christmas.

Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano tableware from Faradays
Beautiful tableware (particularly of the Italian-made variety) is such a luxury that it always makes for a good present come Christmas time. Ginori 1735 is a brand that has honed its craft over nearly 300 years, and everything about it oozes Italian sophistication and charm — from its exquisite craftsmanship to its artisanal designs. Available locally from Faradays, each Ginori 1735 piece is precious and totally unique, which makes this brand the obvious go-to for anyone who loves to host.

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Kai Shun knives from The Studio of Tableware
Very few kitchen tools are as satisfying to use, or as sleek in appearance as a Japanese chef’s knife. Svelte, smooth and meticulously handmade to offer unmatched precision, these Kai Shun Knives from The Studio of Tableware are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to spend time cooking and offer something that the recipient can cherish and use for many many years.

Isosceles Book & iPad stand from Powersurge
If you are looking to buy something for someone who loves a cookbook, look no further than Powersurge’s elegant Isosceles book and iPad stand. Made in New Zealand from pure brass before being hand-finished with a clear satin lacquer, this minimalist stand might be multi-purpose but will look damn fine atop a kitchen bench. It’s the perfect way for your recipient to keep their favourite recipe book at an arm’s length, always.

Junto by Rosenthal Soft Shell Deep Plate from The Studio of Tableware
An ideal gift for the person who just loves to have people round for a drink and a bite, this beautiful plate, part of the Junto by Rosenthal collection from The Studio of Tableware, is a simple but useful addition to anyone’s kitchen set-up.

Mono Germany Zeug cutlery set from Simon James
Step up your cutlery game with this exceptional Zeug cutlery set by Mono Germany, putting a creative spin on staple styles of the old. Originally designed by Michael Schneider and released on the occasion of the brand’s 100th anniversary in 1995, this set’s ultra-modern design was actually inspired by prehistoric tools (the knife after a hand axe, the thin fork after early spit tools and the spoon after a scooping hand), and has remained a covetable cutlery set for over two decades.

Vertuo Next White & Barista from Nespresso
The next step-up in innovative, coffee-making capability, Nespresso’s Vertuo Next White & Barista machine is able to make a vast array of coffee, whether the user is a staunch long-black drinker, or can’t go past a topping of frothy milk. In fact, this machine can create over 20 types of coffee, and delivers them café-quality, at the touch of a button. Moreover, the Vertuo Next machine is made using 54% recycled materials, has Bluetooth smart technology and is Wi-Fi enabled. Trust us, any coffee-lover will be proud to display this in their kitchen. And if you want to take your gifting game to the next level, add Nespresso’s Barista milk frother in for good measure. Beyond the classic cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites, this handy tool will see the recipient making affogatos, iced frappes, mochas and latte macchiatos (to name a few). Its integrated touch screen and connected app will allow them to navigate through recipes and personalise their own recipe with ease.

Anissa Kermiche Tit for Tat ceramic salt and pepper shakers from Matches Fashion
These are the perfect gift for the person who is always seeking out something different with which to dress their dining table. Ceramicist Anissa Kermiche has made quite a name for herself with pieces that are practical but that play with ideas of the human form in their aesthetic, and these salt and pepper shakers are no exception. Designed after the curvy torso of the female form, they are sure to draw comment at any dinner party and offer the perfect injection of personality into any table setting.

Bundles of Iron Bundle in Bronzed from The Ironclad Pan Co.
Buy the foodie in your life something that they can get years and years of use out of with a line-up of premium iron skillets and pans from The Ironclad Pan Co. The Bundles of Iron Bundle includes the brand’s Legacy PanLil’ Legacy and Old Dutch, and is the ultimate package for someone who loves to cook. Oh, and every one of The Ironclad Pan Co.’s products comes with a three-generation guarantee — so you know you’re buying unmatched quality. (You can also opt to have the pans expertly pre-seasoned, to take the gourmet element to another level.)

Aarke Carbonator 3 in Steel from Paper Plane Store
While one might not immediately think of a sparkling water as a typical Christmas gift, this particular iteration is utterly perfect for that practical person in your life. The Aarke Carbonator 3 is designed to be the slimmest, most compact sparkling water maker on the market and makes accessing perfectly-carbonated water easier than ever before.

Serax Surface Casserole Dishes from ECC
Buy your gourmand friend some luxurious casserole dishes by Serax from ECC. Made from cast-iron, with coloured glazing designed specifically to withstand high temperatures and retain heat, these dishes also boast cleverly-designed lids that will moisten a stew or simmer a dish with condensation so that the dish can reduce without drying up. Not only are these dishes some of the highest quality iterations of their kind, but they look the part too, with sleek lines and contemporary finishes.


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