Quarterpast Tahitian Lime & Mint Jalapeño Mule.

Impress your guests with Quarterpast’s sophisticated cocktail kit

Bringing loved ones together over good food and drink is always a pleasure but often a chore, particularly when we’re overwhelmed by the arduous work (and mess) of entertaining. So for moments when we’d like to impress our guests with an impeccably presented tipple, we’ve discovered the Quarterpast Classic Cocktail Mixer kit, a simple yet sophisticated way to serve cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks at home.

Making the art of bartending rewarding, Quarterpast is a brand best known for elevating your at-home beverages. Its latest Mixology Bases range harnesses the punchy flavour of cold-brewed, real fruit, removing the need for you to source and muddle fruit and herbs. Essentially, cocktail making from your kitchen has never been simpler.

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Quarterpast has combined the best of its Mixology Bases in its new Classic Cocktail Mixer kit. The curated quartet of Tahitian Lime & Mint, Cranberry & Lime, Crisp Apple, and Triple Peach means the world is your oyster when it comes to creating your preferred concoction. Whether you desire a gin fizz, spiced apple mule, cosmopolitan, or peach shrub, the Classic Cocktail Mixer kit is your personal guide to making drinks with an exceptional punch, and even better, it includes a recipe book and jigger.

All you need are fresh garnishes and a little help from your liquor cabinet — but don’t fret if you’re abstaining from alcohol, as the Mixology Bases allow you to make delectable mocktails and sodas. For those not versed in the world of mixology, the recipe book includes ingredient substitutions and ways to finesse your presentation — not only will your drinks taste great, but they’ll look fabulous too. You should also note that Quarterpast’s Classic Cocktail Mixer kit makes the perfect gift for a host, being a discreet and easeful way to lend a hand.

So, in a bid to prove just how simple it is to whip up a cocktail with the Quarterpast Classic Cocktail Mixer kit, we present a jalapeño mule recipe that promises to impress every single time. Cheers to that.

Quarterpast Tahitian Lime & Mint Jalapeño Mule

A Jalapenô Mule is the perfect cocktail recipe to impress your guests. It’s punchy, a little sweet, and simple to make.


30ml Quarterpast Tahitian Lime & Mint
30ml vodka
50g cucumber (quartered)
10g pickled jalapeños
100ml soda water
100g ice
Fresh chilli
Mint springs


1. Add Quarterpast Tahitian Lime & Mint, Vodka, quartered cucumber, and jalapeños to a vessel.

2. Muddle the mixture to a fine pulp, then strain over a cup with ice.

3. Top with soda water and stir gently to combine.

4. Garnish with chilli and mint.

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