Serving epic sandwiches, pizza-by-the-slice and delicious lunchtime bites, Gloria’s opens a new deli in Commercial Bay

Gloria’s has officially planted its flag in the heart of Auckland’s CBD, marking the start of a new era for this popular lunchtime spot. After a year of meticulously refining their offering via an always-busy space on Karangahape Road (which is now closed) the culinary visionaries behind Gloria’s and Bar Celeste have finally unveiled their ‘dream deli’ in the vibrant Commercial Bay precinct, and it’s already attracting the hungry crowds in droves. 

Led by masterful Chef Nick Landsman, Gloria’s modus operandi has always been taking the easy lunchtime experience to bold new heights, something for which its K’ Road spot became quickly renowned. With a focus on slow food made fast, Landsman’s commitment to quality and convenience shines through in every delectable bite, where artisan sandwiches meet pizza al taglio, impossibly soft focaccia, a raft of tasty sides and mouthwatering cookies — all made with the utmost care and attention to flavour and finish.

At new Gloria’s deli, the menu really is a testament to Landsman’s culinary prowess and passion for excellence. From classic grilled sandwiches like the Three-Cheese grilled cheese with jalapeño, and the Tuna Melt with tuna salad and pickled red onion, to fresh focaccia sandwiches like the Spicy Tonno with Calabrian chilli, cabbage
, cucumber, ranch and olives, and the Butternut & Burrata sammie with green sauce, radicchio and radish, the options here not only fulfilling, but are full of flavour. 

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Beyond serving the kinds of sandwiches that Gloria’s K’ Road was already known for, this new deli also marks the introduction of Gloria’s pizza al taglio programme, an offering that has sparked significant excitement. Here, you’ll find by-the-slice pizza squares with toppings like pepperoni, hot honey and ricotta, or potato, onion, guanciale and sage, or even mortadella, mozzarella, pistachio and guindillas (all options that, we’ve heard, have been flying out of the cabinet). Of course, Gloria’s famous cookies are also on offer here, with a tantalising line-up that includes burnt butter and dark chocolate with sea salt, caramelised white chocolate with macadamia, and triple chocolate chew. 

In fact, Landsman’s dedication to made-from-scratch recipes is evident in every aspect of Gloria’s culinary offerings. From slow-fermented breads to house-made sauces and fresh ingredients sourced from quality producers, each component is meticulously prepared daily by the skilled team to ensure quality, flavour and a take-away experience that is unlike anything else.

As Gloria’s settles into its new home in Commercial Bay, its full offering will be rolled out in the coming weeks, including morning tartines featuring house focaccia with labneh, Ora King Salmon roe and chives, as well as a decidedly indulgent sausage and egg muffin. And for anyone looking to elevate their weekend gatherings, Gloria’s take-home deli offers everything one could need for entertaining, from charcuterie to delicious dips and cheese, the prospect of a DIY platter has never looked so good. Moreover, with catering and delivery services allegedly on the horizon, Gloria’s is poised to become a cornerstone of Commercial Bay, inviting locals and visitors alike to experience the artisanal excellence that has long underlined its offering.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday, 7:30am until 3pm


Ground Floor
Commercial Bay
7 Queen Street
Auckland 1010


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