Vodka chicken Sandwich

From the clever trio behind Parade and Rosalita’s comes Bodega — a New York-inspired deli on Ponsonby Road

Setting up shop on the corner of Ponsonby Road and Williamson Avenue is Bodega — an epic, laid-back, New York-style deli by the clever trio behind ever-popular burger joint, Parade and pizza drop-in Rosalita’s (with decades of hospitality experience between them).

Bryan Anderson, Nick Fury and Sean Bone have once again pooled their collective skills and experience to bring a much-welcomed new style of eatery to Auckland’s dining scene. Nick got his start as a chef, while Bryan and Sean’s diverse hospo backgrounds, including a stint as coffee roasters, have set the team in good stead for the style of eateries they’ve been drawn to. The trio seem to have a knack for knowing what will hit home with local foodies, with both Parade and Rosalita’s consistently drawing crowds, and while Bodega is somewhat of a departure from the quick and easy style eateries they’ve so far opened, the laid-back vibe remains. “Our travels to the States and Europe inspired Bodega,” Anderson tells me. “We saw a gap in the market here for made-to-order style sandwiches that the delis overseas do so well.” And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Bodega — epic, made-to-order sandwiches with a decidedly American slant, served alongside baked goods that would do an Italian Nonna proud.

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Right: Sausage ragu Sandwich

In the mornings, the deli will serve a variety of Italian pastries made in Bodega’s bakery. Lobster tails, maritozzo, and cannoli are just a few of the traditional delights on offer. Then, from 8am until 10.30am, punters will find build-your-own New York-style Kaiser rolls. And from 11am, the sandwiches become the focus, with everything made fresh, to order — something Anderson feels will really set Bodega apart.

The menu is concise and considered, with good, honest food made well served alongside quality coffee. As far as flavours go, The French Dip is Anderson’s favourite, “I sat in a San Francisco park last year on a sunny day and tried my first French Dip, and it changed my life,” he tells me. French Dip, for those unfamiliar, is a hot sandwich on a French roll traditionally filled with slow roast beef and melted cheese, eaten with the flavourful juices of the meat for dipping — although Bodega’s version is a little more upper crust, with with sliced braised beef, onion jus, horseradish sauce, and provolone, served with beef consommé. Sublime. There’s also a Sausage Ragù  number which looks particularly appealing, pairing creamy sausage ragù with roasted red peppers, sautéed greens, rocket, and balsamic glaze.

The Lobster Tail

In a few weeks, Bodega will be moving into afternoon service too, with charcuterie, beer, wine, and cocktails on offer. Then, come September when the weather warms, there are plans to open for night service, with a wine bar-style offering in the works.

The space lends itself perfectly to both a casual, daytime drop-in and a laid-back spot for a drink and snack come afternoon. “The feel inside is warm, and the place is not huge but we have tried to re-create an old-school Brooklyn-style deli vibe,” Anderson tells me. A true labour of love, the deli was transformed by the team themselves with the help of Anderson’s father-in-law, “We were very hands-on with the fit-out. Undertaking the change of usage of a run-down, 150-year-old building was a far bigger challenge than anticipated,” he recounts, “But it’s been amazing to watch it take shape, and we’re so happy with the finished product.”

The deli has an undeniable heritage feel, with old pictures adorning walls, subtle wooden accents, and a deep colour palette, all combining to create a space that feels lived-in — a refreshing take in an era of sparse and ultra-contemporary fit-outs.

Left: Cannoli’s. Right: Sausage ragu Sandwich

Ultimately, what Anderson, Fury and Bone have created in Bodega is an unpretentious, laid-back spot that caters to Aucklanders looking for a good, honest meal or an easy go-to for a drink with friends. And, from what we’ve seen so far, it’s set to be a very welcome addition to the local dining scene indeed.

Opening hours:
Wednesday – Sunday, 8am-sold out
Closed Monday – Tuesday


86 Ponsonby Road,


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