The simple chocolate Easter Egg recipe that can’t wait until Sunday

Part of the beauty of good chocolate easter eggs is that they look too good to eat, until you do. Liv Glazebrook from @kitchenoftreats has delivered a simple recipe for homemade chocolate eggs that will look incredible on Easter morning and be gone by Easter Monday. Maybe make a second batch.

Chocolate Easter Eggs 
Serves 8 

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2 cups Whittaker’s chocolate (we used White, Creamy Milk and 50% Dark Chocolate)
8 large eggs 
Food-safe paint (optional)


Preparing Egg Shells
1. Using a pin, poke a hole in the bottom of a large egg; insert the tip of a chopstick (or equivalent) and gently turn to open the hole slightly.
2. Insert pin into the hole to pierce the yolk. Hold the egg, hole down, over a bowl, and shake the egg out (alternatively you can blow air into the hole with a rubber ear syringe – the air will displace and expel the egg). Rinse out egg. Repeat.
3. Sterilise eggs: Boil the egg shells in a saucepan of water with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar; then simmer for 10 minutes. Let egg shells drain.
4. To speed up the drying process, place the egg shells in an oven heated to 50°C until completely dry – check the inside of the shell to ensure there is no moisture. Be very careful, the egg shells will be fragile. 
5. Once dry, remove from the oven and if you wish to paint the eggs – do so at this step with food-safe paint.

Filling Egg Shells
6. Chop up sufficient chocolate to fill the egg shells – allow for approximately ¼ cup chocolate per egg shell.
7. Melt chocolate in the microwave at steady increments to avoid burning. If you would like to temper your chocolate (optional) we recommend you do so at this step.
8. Place eggshells (hole up) in an egg carton. Place a disposable pastry bag in a tall glass and fill bag with chocolate, then snip the end.
9. Insert tip of bag into each egg, and fill with chocolate (about 1/4 cup per egg; fill a new bag with chocolate as needed). Leave to set completely, about 4 hours.
10. Gift to family and friends – remember to tell them to remove the shell before eating!

Image credit: Liv Glazebrook


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