Foodies rejoice, these Auckland eateries are staying open over the summer holidays, plus we’ve rounded up all of the holiday hospo hours you need to know

The holidays are here, which means a well-deserved break for all of us — including those in the hospitality industry. Fortunately, there are a handful of establishments keeping their doors open over the break, so if you do find yourself wondering where you can go for a bite out in Auckland, these are the places to visit.

Bivacco Bar & Grill

From its delicious food to its sprawling space, Bivacco has found fast popularity with discerning Auckland diners — and for good reason. Thankfully, this summer, Bivacco Bar & Grill will open every day except for Christmas Day. And with plenty of long, summer afternoons on the horizon, we recommend booking a table in advance — especially if you’ve managed to rustle up a crowd for a convivial lunch in the new year. (Although there’s usually always room to squeeze in at the bar.)

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Left: Bivacco. Right: Andiamo


Luckily, for anyone hanging around over the break, Andiamo has generously decided to keep its doors open for most of the holidays, aside from the period between the 25th and the 27th of December, and the 1st and 2nd of January. Any other day, you can stop in for some of its delectable Italian-style fare and perhaps nab one of the sought-after street-side tables.

Faraday’s Bar

For a more-than-perfect spot for a festive drink with your significant other or an elevated catch-up with friends, Faraday’s Bar always delivers, and luckily for those of us sticking around over the break, they’re only shutting down briefly this year — closing for Christmas Day itself, and then the period between 27th December — 3rd January.

Somm Cellar Door & Bar

Somm is shutting its doors from Christmas Eve until December 27th, opening up again between 28th — 31st December for those staying in the city and looking for a perfect spot to enjoy a festive tipple and a celebratory afternoon in the sun, before taking a break during the 1st and 2nd of January.

Left: Somm Cellar Door & Bar. Right: Soul Bar & Bistro

Soul Bar & Bistro

Aside from Christmas Day, Soul Bar & Bistro’s hours are remaining more-or-less normal. Despite being closed for Christmas Day, Soul is back open on Boxing Day, with the bar open from 11am and DJs kicking off from 5pm, set to play through to the wee hours to keep the festive spirit going. Soul will also close on New Year’s Day, to give its team some much-needed R&R. Might we suggest you do that too?


Michael Meredith’s impeccable new restaurant serving elevated Pacific fare is keeping its doors open throughout the break. With a special Christmas offering available on the day itself, a New Year’s Eve set menu, and their usual fare and delightful drinks available throughout the festive period, Metita will be a lively spot to spend a long lunch or convivial dinner over the break.

Commercial Bay Eateries

All of Commercial Bay’s wonderful eateries are staying open for the entirety of the break, only shutting down for Christmas Day, meaning you’ll be able to dine at the likes of Ahi, Pōni, Gochu, The Lodge Bar, Gemmi and more all summer long.

Left: Gochu. Right: Amano


Securing a table at Amano is not typically an easy task, so while most people are out of town, use this time as an opportunity to dine at this widely-loved, modern Italian restaurant. Amano will only be closed on Christmas Day, before returning to its regular hours for the rest of 2023.

Bar Magda

We’re never short of reasons to visit Bar Magda — from their delicious fare and inventive cocktails to the nightcap menu and more, and we’ll be heading in over the break (likely for all of the above) and suggest you do, too. They’re shutting up shop for a much-deserved break on the 24th, 25th & 31st December, then again from the 1st — 9th January.


Those sticking around the City will find comfort in Commercial Bay, with its sprawling French bistro staying open for the entirety of the holidays. Although holiday hours will mean the restaurant is closed for Christmas Day, we have it on good authority that both the kitchen and Le Bar are planning the most divine celebratory New Year’s Eve affair. You can make your reservations here.

Left: Origine. Right: Jervois Steakhouse

Jervois Steakhouse

The carnivorous amongst us will be delighted to find that Jervois Steakhouse is open for most of the holidays, only shutting its doors between the 25th and 27th of December, then again on January 1st and 2nd. Visit the Herne Bay stalwart at any other time and it’ll be business as usual.

Park Hyatt Auckland

Dine in at Park Hyatt’s Onemata and Living Room eateries right through the holidays, with only slight changes to their usual scheduling. While Onemata will take a momentary reprieve and close for Boxing Day lunch, The Living Room will suspend its afternoon tea service between the 25th of December and the 1st of January. Otherwise, you can book as usual, as Park Hyatt is open on both the 1st and 2nd of January and beyond.

Non Solo Pizza

Our go-to Parnell institution Non Solo Pizza will still be serving its delectable Italian fare and (importantly, given the timing) pouring all manner of lively libations across the festive period, only shutting up shop on the official public holidays to give their lovely staff a much-deserved break.

Left: Non Solo Pizza. Right: Kingi.


The Hotel Britomart’s flagship restaurant is welcoming patrons most days over the holidays, including Christmas Day (find details for its Christmas lunch here) and New Year’s Eve (find here). For those seeking a much-needed staycation, we happen to think The Hotel Britomart’s adjacent dining offering is perfect.

QT Hotel

The QT Hotel’s Mediterranean must-visit, Esther, is open right through the holidays and is also offering a delicious New Year’s feasting menu — find details here — on the 31st of December. The Rooftop at QT is also putting on a fun New Year’s Eve party not to be missed.

Left: Esther. Right: MoVida


With a beautiful, elevated outlook, and inspired cuisine unlike anywhere else in the City, MoVida is one destination you’ll find us at often this summer. Service here will only be taking a momentary pause with the kitchen closing from the 24th until the 26th of December, then opening its doors a little later than usual, at 5pm, from the 27th — 31st of December for dinner and plenty of convivial celebrations.

Hello Beasty

If you’re making the most of a sunny day in Auckland with a stroll around Viaduct Harbour, why not stop in at Hello Beasty? The flavoursome fusion restaurant will be closed from the 24th of December until the 8th of January — just in time for a delicious long lunch to mark your return to the office.

Left: Hello Beasty. Right: Saint Alice

Saint Alice

Another Viaduct Harbour mainstay, Saint Alice has even more days open on its calendar, this year offering both a Christmas Day lunch and a New Year’s Eve party, only closing its doors for a short reprieve on Boxing Day. A festive lunch up high above the water, with some of the best food in town? Sounds like a great way to mark a special occasion if you ask us.


Consistently providing delicious food and stellar service, Prego is an Auckland stalwart and we are incredibly thankful that the restaurant will only be taking Christmas Day and Boxing Day off this year, remaining open for the rest of the break.

Other holiday hours worth noting:

A — B

Akarara Eatery: Closed 24th — 25th December & 1st — 2nd January, open 7.30am — 3pm on 24th December.

Alma: Closed 24th December — 4th January.

Annabel’s: Closed 24th December — 27th December & 31st December — 2nd January, open from 3pm-9pm 28th — 30th December & 3rd — 4th January.

Azabu Ponsonby: Closed 25th December — 11th January.

Azabu Mission Bay: Closed 25th and 26th December.

Bar Non Solo: Closed 24th — 26th December and open from 5pm from 27th-21st January.

C — D

Candela: Closed 24th December — 11th January.

Cassia: Closed on 25th December, then open for dinner only (from 5pm) throughout the break.

Culprit: Closed 24th December — 28th December. Open 29th-31st December, then closed 1st-11th January.

Daily Bread: Ponsonby, Point Chev, Britomart, Belmont, Newmarket — Closed 25th — 26th December & 1st — 2nd January. Federal St — Closed 23rd December — 8th January.

Depot: Closed 25th — 27th December, open from 11am 28th — 31st December, closed 1st — 3rd January, open from from 11am 4th — 7th January.

Duo: Dinner closed 18th December — 10th January, Brunch closed 24th December — 5th January.

Dr Rudi: Closed 25th December.

E — H

Ebisu: Closed 25th — 26th December, open from 5pm — 10pm from 27th — 31st December.

Gilt: Closed 24th — 28th December and 1st — 2nd January, open from 5pm on the 29th December.

Gochu: Closed 25th December.

Honey Bones: Closed 22nd December — 12th January.

Hotel Ponsonby: Closed 23rd December — 4th January.

Huami: Closed 25th — 26th December & 1st — 2nd January.

I — O

Inca: Closed 24th — 25th December & 1st — 2nd January.

Kol: Closed 24th — 25th December & 31st December — 1st January.

Lilian: Closed 23rd December — 11th January.

Masu: Closed 26th December & 1st January.

Mr Morris: Closed 24th — 25th December & 1st January.

Norma Taps: Closed 23rd December — 10th January.

Omni: Closed 24th December — 16th January.

Onslow: Closed 25th-28th December, open from 5pm 29th — 31st December, closed and 1st — 2nd January, open from 5pm 3rd January.

Orbit: Open from 11am — 8pm on Christmas Day. Closed 26th — 28th December & 1st — 4th January.

Ortolana: Closed 25th December.

Osteria Uno: Closed 24th December — 9th January.

P — S

Palmer: Closed 24th December — 16th January.

Paname Social: Open throughout.

Pōni: Closed 25th December.

Ragtag: Closed 23rd December — 5th January.

Schapiro’s: Closed 23rd December — 4th January.

Sid at The French Café: Closed 24th December — 10th January.

Sidart: Closed 24th — 27th December & 1st — 8th January.

Siso: Closed 25th December — 3rd January.

Skybar: Closed 25th December.

SPQR: Closed 25th — 26th December & 1st January.

Swings: Closed 24th December — 15th January.

T — Z

Tala: Closed 24th December — 9th January.

The Brit: Closed 24th — 26th December and 1st and 2nd January.

The Candy Shop: Closed 25th December & 31st January.

The Chamberlain: Closed 25th December— 5th January.

The Engine Room: Closed 24th December — 12th January.

The Fishmarkets: Closed 25th December.

The Pantry at Park Hyatt: Closed 25th December — 6th January.

The Store: Closed 25th December.

The Sugar Club: Open 12pm — 6.30pm on Christmas Day. Closed 26th — 27th December & 1st — 2nd January.

The Terrace: Closed 25th December.

Tobi: Closed 25th December & 30th December — 3rd January.

Tokki: Closed 25th December — 24th January.


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