Inside our night at Asahi’s Akai Doa 2.0 — the ultimate theatrical dining experience

Last Wednesday night we ventured behind Las Vegas’ red door on K’ Road and ascended the neon-framed staircase to the iconic club. Greeted by an atmospheric space bathed in red light, Akai Doa 2.0 enveloped us immediately in a sensory haze of flashing fluorescents, raucous music and Asahi brews — scarcely giving us a chance to catch our breath before taking our seats.

Illuminated by the various shades of Angus Muir’s light installation (that would change with each of the eight courses), we awaited the gastronomic experience promised. And although expectations were high, especially following last year’s stellar season, Akai Doa’s new iteration exceeded it’s inaugural outing and then some.

Without giving too much away — it really is something you need to experience for yourself — the food, which included delicate dumplings, pork belly with impossibly crisp crackling and fish expertly prepared by Chef Yukio (of Azabu), was faultless. And the Asahi beers alongside various cocktails, like the crowd-pleasing wasabi mule were the perfect accompaniments to the menu.

With the chef putting on a show from a booth at the front, female contortionists sauntering between tables and Soraya Lapread on the decks, Akai Doa 2.0 was immersive, multi-faceted and one of the best nights out we’ve had in a while.


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