Ken Fulk for The Rug Company

Warm up your space for the season ahead with Ken Fulk’s transcendent collection for The Rug Company

Lauded designer Ken Fulk is known for his whimsical, eclectic designs spanning homes, hotels, hospitality and highly coveted collaborations. His latest partnership — an exclusive collection for The Rug Company, has a tale to tell.

Ken Fulk’s work is instantly recognisable. Be it a contemporary hotel design, the opulent reimagining of a private jet, a celebrity home, or one of his famous, uproarious themed parties, or even, perhaps, a headdress inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, that he designed for a Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, Fulk’s calling cards remain consistently elaborate whatever the subject matter. Theatricality, modern whimsy, big, bold colours, a sense of old world elegance, and designs that tether to both the past and present are all ubiquitous in Fulk’s work, but when asked, he would tell you that the essence, no matter the context or content, is the story each design tells.

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Nowhere is this more evident than in his new, debut collection for The Rug Company, within which the San Francisco-based designer looked to the ‘rituals of life’ for inspiration. Harnessing the enduring power of storytelling, Fulk imagined a six-strong series of transcendent rugs with nods to art, music, nature and reflection. The collaboration with Fulk was an obvious one for The Rug Company, considering the emphasis the business places on not only outstanding quality and craftsmanship, but celebrating uniqueness and creativity. With a shared reverence for ritual and sacred geometries, the decision to craft each piece around a distinct, ancient method of storytelling came quickly at the collaboration’s inception, and from there, ideas flowed freely and the partnership was synergistic.

Surrealist Garden by Ken Fulk for The Rug Company from Design Central

The stunning Surrealist Garden rug, inspired by traditional folklore tapestries, boasts an enchanting scene of silk hues woven into the intricacies of the characters against wool, while the Sonic Wave rug draws inspiration from soundwaves, evident in the organic ribbon motif rendered in a tranquil teal hue set against a neutral backdrop, and the illustrative Saint Joes Dome rug transposes the historic San Francisco church architecture that Fulk famously shaped into a creative hub. What’s evident across the collection is Fulk’s unique penchant for giving ideas form, weaving together his interest in ritual, storytelling, and natural geometry to expand the visual narrative of its new home.

The Rug Company is available locally at Design Central.

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Ken Fulk’s collection for The Rug Company
Sonic Spruce by Ken Fulk for The Rug Company from Design Central
A Life Reflected by Ken Fulk for The Rug Company from Design Central
Zellige by Ken Fulk for The Rug Company from Design Central
Saint Joes Dome by Ken Fulk for The Rug Company from Design Central
Surrealist Garden by Ken Folk for The Rug Company from Design Central
Sonic Wave by Ken Fulk for The Rug Company from Design Central


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