Thomas Bina Natal Media Console 2 Tier.

We’ve got our eyes on these pieces by Thomas Bina — a pioneer of sustainable design

Sustainability and design have been dovetailing in their practices of late, with one informing the other to fulfil a brief that considers form, function and the future. The notion of sustainability is a concept now inherent in architecture and design, with many leading schools instilling this value in students from an undergraduate level. That said, there are a few pioneers in the space who have long embraced sustainable principles in their design practice, and whose work offers something of a blueprint for the future.

Thomas Bina Peyton Media Console.

Enter Thomas Bina, a celebrated American designer whose designs find solace in simplicity. His aesthetic is marked by slight and soft lines and where he differs from many of his contemporaries is that sustainability, for him, is the drawing board rather than simply an afterthought.

Thomas Bina Natal Media Console 3 tier; Thomas Bina Bridge Dining Table.

His use of reclaimed timber drives the sustainability element in a way that feels anything but rustic. Bina’s traditional designs offer a raw but refined aesthetic, one that is often attempted yet rarely executed. The result is beautiful, considered pieces that are just as suited to a simple, modern home as they are to a more sumptuous, layered interior.

Recently, new Thomas Bina has arrived at local purveyors of considered design, Frobisher and these are the pieces we’re coveting right now.


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