Little Petra VB1 armchair by Viggo Boesen for &Tradition (, CM484 artwork by Clementine Maconachie of The Visuals (

Step inside this carefully-furnished coastal home overlooking an iconic Sydney beach

Employing an appealing balance of boldness and subtlety, the Bronte Beach House by Tom Mark Henry Studio is a coastal sanctuary that harmoniously marries its impeccable interior with the dramatic seaside setting of its exterior. It is an architectural gem that showcases the power of a heightened design approach and offers a captivating combination of colours and textures that are designed to engage the senses and create a robust dialogue between the interiors and the surrounding landscape.

Taking inspiration from its coastal setting, Bronte Beach House is a visual reminder of its natural environment. The residence boasts generous openings, expansive glazing and a collection of terraces with glass balustrades on the upper floors that seamlessly connect the interior with its picturesque surroundings. The multi-level structure takes full advantage of its elevated position, offering breathtaking views that embrace the laid-back but luxurious essence of living by the beach. Each level of the house has been thoughtfully and purposefully designed, and interacts in different ways with the abundant natural light that floods the space. Here, a neutral palette is tempered with artistic and textural touches, while a series of carefully selected materials imbue the interior spaces with an intriguing design language. 

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The dining room features the Violin dining chairs by GamFratesi for Gubi from Cult Design.

Framed by its north-facing views of Sydney’s iconic Bronte Beach, this home artfully blurs the boundaries between inside and out, with every element of the interior, effortlessly capturing the nuances of an idyllic Australian beachside lifestyle, albeit in a decidedly more sumptuous and contemporary way. 

What the team at Tom Mark Henry has done so masterfully is sculpting the interior of Bronte Beach House to serve as a reflection of Sydney’s outdoor lifestyle while simultaneously providing a haven for retreat and relaxation. The use of organic and textural finishes throughout the residence via materials like limestone, marble, timber, brass and polished plaster creates a series of dynamic contrasts while maintaining a consistent aesthetic flow. In the upper levels, there is a wonderful softness created by light white tones, muted stonework and timber elements that deliver a serene ambience. In contrast, the lower level has been conceived as a comforting, cosy space for the homeowners, rendered in muted green and blue tones and more neutral finishes, proving the perfect base on which they can truly make their own, distinctive mark. The powder and steam rooms, in particular, finished in deep red Opus Rosso marble and handmade chocolate-coloured tiles offer moments of calm, removed from the bright, light spaces that comprise the main parts of the home.

From inside the Bronte Beach House, one is starkly aware of their connection to nature, thanks to the ways in which this connection is underlined within the home’s interior. Reflective and textural elements echo the ebb and flow of the ocean, while unfilled limestone floors are reminiscent of the kind of sand that can be seen through the windows. Bouclé textures, tarnished metals and natural stone surfaces seem to be in conversation with the sparkling water, sky and cliff tops outside — an apt comment on the ways in which the Tom Mark Henry team has welcomed this home’s exquisite context, inside, and the striking, tangible effect of that design choice.

Ultimately, the narrative within the Bronte Beach House revolves around the human experience, with every element thoughtfully curated to enhance the residents’ wellbeing. Here, classic coastal aesthetics (fresh white walls, generous windows, a relaxed vibe) collide with high-end, contemporary (but understated) luxury, in an unexpected marriage of design languages that actually complement one another in a compelling way. From its thoughtful palette to its eye-catching furnishings and exquisite views, the Bronte Beach House is a tranquil oasis that both connects with its surroundings and offers a welcome escape from them too, when necessary. 

Image credit: Styling — Kerrie-Ann Jones


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