Six things to know about the Jaguar E-PACE, the sleek SUV that defies expectations

A slightly smaller version of Jaguar’s popular F-PACE, the E-PACE is taking the compact SUV category by storm with its sleek looks, sporty design and clever systems. A car worth familiarising yourself with, here are six things you need to know about the SUV that defies expectations.

Careful Attention to Detail 
The E-PACE commands attention, even when it’s just parked on the street. But it’s really in the little details that its character comes alive. Customisable textures and finishes festoon the interior and are bathed in soft pools of ambient lighting, striking the perfect tone every time. And if you look hard enough, you’ll also spot hidden nods to the Jaguar marque, including the exclusive Jaguar and Cub design hidden in the corner of the front windscreen, as well as a subtle jaguar print under the centre console. 

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A World Record Holder
Fun fact: The Jaguar E-PACE achieved a Guinness World Record for the furthest barrel roll in a production vehicle, when stunt driver Terry Grant took on the challenge after months of preparation. His 15.3 metre-long barrel roll saw the E-PACE twist and fly through the air before sticking a clean landing on all four wheels. Quite the achievement for a car of its size and stature.  

Space with Pace 
Designed to keep up with the hectic demands of family life, the Jaguar E-PACE refuses to scrimp on space. So whether you’re embarking on the school run, or heading for a weekend away, the E-PACE’s deep centre console, spacious glovebox, specially-made front door bins, and generous, 577-litre boot (able to fit a pram lying flat or two medium suitcases) make it a pragmatic choice for those on-the-go. While it might boast top speeds of 206 kilometres per hour, it’s clear that the zippy nature of the E-PACE takes nothing away from its practicality.   

Brute Strength 
If you’re someone who loves to escape the city, boat in tow, the E-PACE might just be the perfect car in which to do it. Despite being a compact SUV, the E-PACE’s towing capacity is 1800 kilograms, which makes it as strong as it is sleek.  

Built for Action
For anyone with an active lifestyle, the Jaguar E-PACE’s optional Activity Key is an absolute must. Need to go for a run or a swim without taking your keys? Strap the robust, fully waterproof Activity Key to your wrist and leave your proper keys safely in the car. When you’re done, simply touch the Activity Key to your tailgate to unlock. 

A Tailored Driving Experience 
Part of what makes the E-PACE unique is the way it makes the driving experience so personal. Its optional Adaptive Dynamics system monitors wheel positions and body movements to ensure your suspension is operating at its best, while the clever JaguarDrive Control allows you to switch between Normal, Eco, Dynamic and Winter modes to make subtle steering and throttle changes. These, among others, are the systems that allow you to make the E-PACE feel like it’s truly yours. 


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