See inside the chic, colourful home inspiring us to embrace floor-to-ceiling pink

When Australian interior designer Charlotte Coote reimagined her own home, there was a raft of inspiration on which she could draw, having created countless spaces for clients across the country. That said, she ended up finding it a little closer to home, in the gardens surrounding her Mt Macedon residence in the Victorian countryside.

When designing her daughters’ rooms, rhododendron was the immediate inspiration, and liberal use of Resene pink paints was employed. Far from the Barbie or millennial shades of the moment, these dusty hues with peachy undertones were used to create a space that was timeless, sophisticated and chic. In fact, their effect proves that pink need not be reserved for the kids’ rooms alone, promising to bring soft femininity to any space.

Extending the pink theme to the living room, Coote opted for a touch of brilliance with a sherbet pink (a tone that simultaneously feels of-the-moment and utterly timeless), the bold approach imbuing the common area with a sense of confident, contemporary elegance.

Ultimately, Coote’s masterful handiwork reveals how a touch of pink can completely transform a room into something magnificent. And with the right furnishings, you too can harness the power of this colour to create a captivating ambience for your home. And in order to ensure you select the perfect pink palette, we recommend starting with Resene’s vast and varied options.

Resene Cosmos features on the bedroom wall.

Resene Cosmos features on the bedroom wall.

Resene Glamour Puss features on the walls and Resene Bianca on the window frames.


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