Aston Martin DBX707
Denizen's Editor-In-Chief taking the Aston Martin DBX707 for a spin
Aston Martin DBX707

Our Editor-in-chief learns why Aston Martin’s new DBX707 is the ultimate marriage of ultra-luxury and high performance

As the saying so rightly goes, ‘this is not my first rodeo’ seated in pole position behind the wheel of Aston Martin’s foray in the SUV market. It is however my maiden voyage in what one might describe as the crowning jewel of the esteemed British car maker’s fleet, the DBX707

For seasoned veterans of the mean streets of Auckland, what one drives or how one arrives is a statement of intent, rivalling the fashion choices that define an individual. To this end, the last time I drove the Aston Martin DBX, the stir that I caused when I pulled up at Herne Bay’s Andiamo eatery was testament enough that their move into the SUV game was a good one. After several requests from fellow diners about whether I was enjoying ‘my new car’, it was clear that this is a car that promises a grand entrance befitting any occasion.

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So here I am again venturing out in the wild (Jervois Road) behind the wheel of the stunning new incarnation, where I can attest to its duality: a display of undeniable luxury mixed with assertive performance. Its roar is robust and exhilarating, a 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 purring with intent. Boasting a formidable yet sleek stature, the DBX707 encapsulates Aston Martin’s 110-year legacy of British design in one sumptuous package, it’s sleeker than its predecessor, with the added ability to be lowered to give a more oppressive stance. Just what one wants when deftly paralleling parking outside a busy eatery.

Beyond the exterior lies a challenge to categorisation. Is it really an SUV? Aston Martin’s vision was to make the body seem as if floating above its wheels. Its pneumatic springs grant it the raised elegance reminiscent of safari-style rides, while ensuring a ride so plush, it belies its frame.

Step inside, and luxury engulfs you. Supple leather seats with 16-way electrical adjustments, panoramic sunroof views, and a computerised dashboard promise comfort. Despite its compact outward appearance, there’s surprising spaciousness, accommodating luggage, shopping and even two children and their insurmountable sports gear, musical instruments and various homework projects crafted from cardboard. In a rather thoughtful, and very necessary addition, the boot houses a handy button that adjusts the car’s height for optimum load efficiency or even a casual tailgate/picnic from the boot opportunity.

Performance-wise, the DBX707 is nothing short of a beast. It bolts from 0 to 100km/h in a scant 3.3 seconds, reaching a top speed of 310km/h. And, with its 48-volt active anti-roll bar system, it promises a drive so stable, it practically defies physics. Handling is a dream, responsive and precise, whether climbing steep terrains or cruising the motorways.

Under its hood lies a symphony of engineering: a Mercedes-AMG V8 engine combined with a nine-speed automatic transmission, capable of 707PS and a torque of 900Nm. These figures translate to power that’s both raw and refined.

Interior detailing is another facet where the DBX707 excels. The upholstery, sourced from the esteemed Bridge of Weir, is a testament to craftsmanship. Welted, stitched, and brogued leather interiors can be customised in myriad colours, tempting even the most discerning aesthetes.

And while the price point of the Aston Martin DBX707 isn’t for everyone, for those with a penchant for luxury coupled with uncompromising performance, this is a dream come true.

In a world where brands vie for the ‘ultra-luxury’ label, the DBX707, albeit with a few quirks, sets itself apart. It marries the allure of Formula One dynamism of Ferrari with the elegance to rival that of Bentley. In essence, it is the epitome of luxury and performance, a true testament to Aston Martin’s enduring legacy, and an undeniable head turner on the notoriously judgemental streets of Herne Bay.


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