Leinster Square by Banda Property featuring Versailles panels flooring.

Here’s why parquet flooring is the simplest way to imbue your home with European elegance

Immediately evocative of a European heritage home, parquet flooring is a considered detail that instantly elevates any space. Despite a level of ambivalence around its origins (it is thought to have originated in Florence but with known commercial production in France in the late 17th Century), parquet flooring has been a prevalent design detail throughout history, showing up in a number of culturally important and architecturally significant buildings all over the world.

Locally Artedomus has an extensive range of exceptional French and German Oak that can be installed in a classic parquet pattern, and its expert team certainly know a thing or two about fine flooring. “Confident interior design begins at the bottom, with the choice of your floor,” the brand’s Co-Owner Richard Brasell confirms. “Parquetry, whether chevron, herringbone or Versailles panels, simply screams quality and craftsmanship.”

Marceau Residence by Hélène Van Marcke featuring Chevron parquet and Calacatta marble in the kitchen.
Villa Naarden by Eginstill featuring Chevron parquet and an Azzurro marble kitchen island.
Potts Point Residence by Tamsin Johnson featuring Versailles panels flooring and Calacatta Viola marble stairs.


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