The Boffi Minimal Kitchen at the flagship Auckland Experience Centre

Fisher & Paykel’s Experience Centre is a haven of minimalist design and culinary excellence

In designing the most minimal example of its three display kitchens, set within its flagship Experience Centre, Fisher & Paykel employed Boffi — Italian kitchen maestros with a heritage equal in length to the local appliance brand. Using the K14 system (a sophisticated but pared-back approach to the modern kitchen) in harmony with Fisher & Paykel’s integrated, minimal appliances, this display kitchen has been conceived as a blank canvas. Not only is it a space that emphasises performance and practicality, but it offers the perfect, versatile setting for a range of culinary and social affairs.

A sleek and simple but innovative approach to the modern kitchen has always been in Fisher & Paykel’s design vocabulary, wherein the brand’s hugely popular range of minimal-style appliances promise to integrate seamlessly into any setting. Because, while the best minimal kitchens offer a feeling of luxurious simplicity, they also require a degree of design rigour to ensure that every detail and every finish is highly considered and fit for the functional requirements of the space. This is where Fisher & Paykel’s appliances fit perfectly.

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Fisher & Paykel’s CoolDrawer™

To best demonstrate the depth and breadth of its minimal-style range, Fisher & Paykel’s Boffi display kitchen exemplifies the subtle sophistication of the brand’s integrated appliances. Four CoolDrawer units and four DishDrawer dishwashers are set into the expansive island, while a raft of exquisite, blackened timber cabinetry hides a seamlessly-integrated Column refrigerator, freezer and wine care cabinet. In appliances where integration is more challenging, such as the combination steam ovens and sous-vide vacuum drawers, a visually-recessive minimal style has been harnessed for a harmonious addition that is as practical as it is polished. Complementary accessories have also been added, such as Fisher & Paykel’s integrated coffee maker — another considered detail that reduces the need for bulky appliances crowding out countertops.

Fisher & Paykel’s DishDrawer™

It speaks to the brand’s inherent, less-is-more philosophy, where function needn’t compromise form. It also reflects our greater demand for liveability in the spaces we inhabit. 

To understand the full Fisher & Paykel effect, pay the brand’s Experience Centre a visit and pull up a chair at The Social Kitchen. There, the Mastery of Temperature experience, cooked by Fisher & Paykel’s expert chefs showcases the unique ways in which this brand is revolutionising our approach to the modern kitchen, marrying some of the most advanced, innovative appliances in the world with an internationally-renowned, designer space and proving that practicality need never get in the way of beauty or luxury.



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