This revolutionary shower design is giving us serious bathroom envy

While we can’t deny the relaxing appeal of a perfectly drawn bath, envisioning the experience of standing under the tumbling water of this waterfall shower has us yearning for the alternative like never before. Designed by German brand Grohe, the AquaSymphony brings a dose of luxury to the morning shower routine and provides a serene escape, even if just for a few moments.

Described as more of a ‘wellness zone’ rather than a shower, this sensory experience is made particularly relaxing via its clever use of sound, sight and touch. The shower head, furnished in sleek chrome, is more than one metre long and over 75-centimetres wide and can deliver a number of different water configurations that range in pressure and direction. Whether it’s the gentle ‘rain spray’ or the awakening ‘waterfall spray’ you’re after, there’s something to suit any and all preferences. What’s more, Grohe offers an accompanying app, GROHE SPA, that allows users to choose their preferred water pressure or customise their shower experience with soft coloured lights and soothing sounds. It ensures the ambience is always one of total tranquillity and makes those end-of-day rinse-offs feel more like a five-star spa.

Available locally from Robertson Bathware, this unprecedented feat of design is changing the way we think about our bathrooms, reminding us that — given how much we use them — our showers should really be more carefully considered.

Robertson Bathware

25 Vestey Drive
Mount Wellington


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