Leva chair by Mattiazzi from Simon James Design

Act Natural: These pared-back pieces are perfect for the modern, minimalist home

Minimalism is an idea often bandied about in the world of design. Spoken of as a sure-fire way to achieve a chic interior, pieces made with barely any fuss and even fewer frills have grown in popularity in recent years.

But the movement has evolved from its monochromatic origins to become more about carefully-curated, natural materials and clean finishes with a heavy focus on timber and rattan. The natural look, when done right, offers a masterclass in elegance and is the ultimate way to give your home a refined base onto which you can put your own, distinct stamp.

From the Offset table by Resident to Mattiazzi’s Leva chair, Simon James has a range of furniture to ensure any space is beautifully dressed. In a bid to help you keep your home looking minimalist in a sophisticated and altogether natural way, these are some of the best pieces to start with.

Bit Table by Massproductions from Simon James
Lap Low shelving two bay by Case from Simon James
Leva chair by Mattiazzi from Simon James
Offset coffee table by Resident from Simon James
Underline table by Simon James from Simon James


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