James Bond Destinations
Echoes. Cassina: 50 years of Maestri

From page-turning novels to moving memoirs to coffee table tomes, these are the best books read this summer

Whether you’re looking for your next captivating beach read or seeking the perfect gift for a friend or family member, this is your definitive guide on the latest and greatest in literature this summer.

Books For Gifting

Tiffany & Co. Crafting Victory

Inviting readers into the illustrious world of Tiffany & Co.’s trophy craftsmanship, spanning an impressive 160 years, this book traces the origins of Tiffany’s holloware and silver workshops, and illuminates its most notable creations of athletic triumph, victory and achievement. With a compelling foreword penned by none other than LeBron James, this impressive tome delves into Tiffany’s pursuit of excellence and the art of honouring it through intricate and multifaceted design. This is as much a book for sports fans as it is for lovers of luxury. 

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Marcel Duchamp

In a resplendent resurrection after six dormant decades, Marcel Duchamp returns, courtesy of publishers Hauser & Wirth and the custodians of Duchamp’s legacy. Originally released in 1959, this facsimile edition of the artist’s debut monograph and catalogue raisonné rekindles a pivotal chapter in art history and reintroduces Duchamp’s groundbreaking ideas and artistic oeuvre to a new generation. Authored by art historian Robert Lebel in collaboration with Duchamp himself, this publication is more than just a book; it’s a luxurious time capsule of artistic genius that has awakened once more. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to life in this new, two-volume collector’s edition coffee table book that honours his towering legacy. A culmination of a decade-long collaboration, this photographic tribute spans 75 years of Schwarzenegger’s extraordinary journey — from a humble upbringing in Austria, to bodybuilding, Hollywood stardom, and even the California governorship. Captured through the lenses of famous photographers like Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz and Andy Warhol, this compilation showcases Schwarzenegger’s chiselled physique and magnetic charisma and is a luxurious celebration of his unparalleled life — a legend worthy of a place on any bookshelf.

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Michele Bönan: Signature Details

Capturing the artistic mastery of architect and interior designer Michele Bönan, celebrated for his cosmopolitan interpretation of the Italian lifestyle, this book showcases Bönan’s latest projects across Milan, Paris, London and Forte Dei Marmi. Introduced by Diego Della Valle (Chairman of Tod’s), narrated by art connoisseur Cesare Cunaccia, featuring an exclusive Q&A with Bönan himself, evocative photography by Massimo Listri, 150 illustrations and a linen hardcover, this tome is a lavish tribute to Bönan’s refined interior concepts, destined for the most discerning admirers of timeless design.

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Mick Rock. The Rise of David Bowie. 1972–1973

This visually-arresting book delves into the captivating partnership between legendary photographer Mick Rock and David Bowie. Made with Bowie’s endorsement, this visually-arresting volume draws readers into the dazzling world of Ziggy Stardust, the persona that, in the 70s, shattered gender norms and artistic boundaries. Through Mick Rock’s lens, readers are treated to an array of stage spectacles, iconic photoshoots and intimate backstage portraits that immortalise Bowie’s fearless reinvention. Capturing both the enigmatic and approachable facets of the legendary artist, this sumptuous tribute celebrates his playful experimentation and unwavering commitment to creative evolution. Mick Rock: The Rise of David Bowie, 1972–1973 is a luxurious homage to  the enduring legacy of a visionary.

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James Bond Destinations

An opulent tribute to the iconic 007, this lavish coffee table tome transcends its pages, whisking readers from London to the sun-kissed shores of Jamaica and beyond, just as James Bond’s exploits have throughout the decades. With keen insights from 007 luminaries and film-making maestros, this incredible book offers an immersive journey through over a hundred real-life locations that have been used in the films. From Rome’s choreographed chases to Venice’s Grand Canal, it unveils the mesmerising tapestry of Bond’s adventures and the world against which they’ve been set.

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Echoes. Cassina: 50 years of Maestri

Curated by Ivan Mietton (a former design curator at Paris’ Centre Pompidou) this lavish book explores the enduring legacy of Cassina and pays homage to its pioneering role as the first company to breathe new life into timeless re-editions, and preserve iconic designs. Chronicling the creative brilliance and impeccable craftsmanship of this brand, showcasing notable collaborations and offering a visual aesthetic that mirrors Cassina’s diverse catalogue, this publication is a testament to the enduring allure of timeless elegance and ‘Made in Italy’ luxury. A must-read for any design-lover.

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Beach Reads

From moving memoirs to captivating novels and everything in between, these are some of the best books released this year, each one worthy of throwing in your beach bag this summer. 

by Andrew Ridker

The Greenspans, an exceptional family residing in idyllic Brookline, Massachusetts, find their lives upended in the tumultuous year of 2013. As scandals and secrets unravel, they navigate a journey from suburban comfort to global turmoil, challenging their values and resilience. This compelling narrative explores human complexity and the enduring quest for hope amidst life’s unexpected trials.

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Nothing Special 
by Nicole Flattery

Set in New York in the 60s, a tumultuous era of art and counterculture, this book
follows seventeen-year-old Mae’s unconventional journey from dropout to typist for Andy Warhol. Laced with irreverent wit, this whip-smart debut novel explores friendship and identity and captivates with its bold and humorous take on teenage rebellion
and self-discovery.

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Terrace Story 
by Hilary Leichter

In a cramped apartment, a hidden terrace mysteriously appears, altering the lives of Annie, Edward, and Rose. As they grapple with the terrace’s enigmatic presence, Hilary Leichter’s narrative delves into the profound repercussions that ripple through generations.
A masterful meditation on loss and the human spirit, this literary gem stretches reality and is a testament to the power of storytelling.

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The Centre 
by Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi

Embark on a darkly comic odyssey in this dazzling debut by an emerging literary talent. Anisa Ellahi, a Pakistani translator in London with grand dreams, is drawn by the sinister allure of a secret language school that promises fluency in just ten days. Filled with unexpected twists, this thought-provoking page-turner offers an exploration of language, ambition, and the price one is willing to pay for mastery.

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The Art Thief
by Michael Finkel

Lose yourself in the saga of Stéphane Breitwieser, a masterful art thief whose exploits spanned museums and cathedrals across Europe. Michael Finkel crafts a mesmerising narrative of obsession and genius, as Breitwieser (unlike typical thieves), stole only for a
desire to possess art. With an innate ability to evade security systems, his heists kept authorities spellbound,
until his spectacular downfall.

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Easily Slip into Another World
by Henry Threadgill & Brent Hayes Edwards

In this intergenerational tale a centenarian grandmother in South Korea receives a letter. Ten days later she is thrust into the afterlife, battling a curse that could impact her family for generations. An exquisitely-crafted blend of ghost story and family epic, Jimin Han has crafted a masterful tale, where a family’s fate rests on the shoulders of a 105-year-old woman.

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The Getaway List 
by Emma Lord

High school graduate Riley embarks on a summer adventure in New York with childhood friend Tom, seeking to rediscover her adventurous spirit. As they tick-off their list of escapades, unexpected emotions surface, leading
Riley on a journey of romance and self-realisation. Emma Lord’s narrative is charming and irresistibly romantic,
making this novel an enduring, uplifting read.

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Come and Get It
by Kiley Reid

Set at the University of Arkansas in 2017, this compelling story follows Millie Cousins, a senior resident assistant who is offered a tantalising yet unconventional opportunity by visiting professor Agatha Paul. As award-winning author Kiley Reid delves into the complexities of desire and recklessness, this novel becomes a riveting exploration of money, indiscretion and the consequences of bad behaviour.

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by Cat Bohannon

This groundbreaking exploration of female evolution challenges conventional narratives by placing women at the forefront of human history. Cat Bohannon delves into 200 million years of evolution, unveiling the science behind the female body’s development. Here, she sheds light on essential questions about women’s biology, longevity and societal roles, bridging science, history and feminism.

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Meet You at the Main Divide
by Justine & Geoff Ross

This fascinating memoir chronicles the journey of Justine and Geoff Ross, the power duo who traded their affluent Auckland lifestyle to pioneer Australasia’s sole climate-positive farm — Lake Hāwea Station. Capturing the couple’s dedication to environmental stewardship and their journey of change, this entrepreneurial saga will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

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Loved and Missed
by Susie Boyt

This book offers an exquisite exploration of love’s enduring power and transformative effects. Ruth, grappling with her daughter’s drug addiction, takes custody of her granddaughter, Lily. Through the lens of this poignant narrative, Susie Boyt delves into the complexities of familial love, sacrifice, and resilience. Written with incisive wit and sharp insight, this is a compelling story that will resonate deeply.

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by Mike Jay

This is the provocative history of the individuals who ventured into the uncharted mind via drug experimentation. With captivating prose, Mike Jay uncovers the influence of mind-altering substances on psychology, philosophy and culture, through the annals of science and art, illuminating a fascinating intellectual tradition that has shaped our understanding of consciousness and human cognition. 

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The Bee Sting
by Paul Murray 

The latest masterpiece from Paul Murray tells the tale of the Barnes family teetering on the brink of collapse. As financial woes and personal crises converge, a poignant yet darkly comedic narrative unearths the tangled roots of their troubles. With profound insight and wit, Murray guides readers through this exquisitely crafted tragicomedy, exploring love, redemption and the stories we tell ourselves.

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The Fury 
by Alex Michaelides

When a notoriously-reclusive ex-movie star invites her
famous friends to a private Greek island for a spontaneous trip, an unexpected and
chilling murder throws
the party into chaos. From
a New York Times Bestselling author, this cat-and-mouse mystery explores love, friendship, secrets and
betrayal, promising an unforgettable journey of suspense and intrigue.

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by Michael Cunningham

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Hours delves
into the intricacies of love,
loss and family dynamics
in his latest work. Day
explores the lives of Dan,
Isabel, Robbie, Nathan and Violet against the backdrop of a changing world as Cunningham’s poignant
prose invites readers to
witness the evolution of relationships and the
endurance of familial bonds.

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The Wildest Sun 
by Asha Lemmie 

In this sumptuously woven tapestry of self-discovery and profound yearning, protagonist Delphine Auber embarks on an odyssey to unearth the truth about her father. Set against the postwar backdrop of Paris and stretching across Harlem, Havana, and Key West, Asha Lemmie’s lyrical prose is laden with identity, unquenchable ambition and transformative storytelling, creating a compelling and evocative narrative.

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Children’s Books

Fill your children’s stockings with the kinds of picture books they will love and cherish for a lifetime. 

Move With Me  
by Grace Bader

Written and illustrated by local multi-disciplinary artist Grace Bader, Move With Me encapsulates a heartwarming narrative designed for young readers with inquisitive minds and compassionate hearts. Bader’s simple but impactful narrative hinges on a child’s connection with the world, emphasising movement as a conduit to liberate their spirits. Inspired by the primal instincts of human nature and the transformative power of music, the book serves as both a gift to her son, Romeo, and a poignant reminder for all parents to nurture resilient, joyful, and self-assured children.  

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Just Because
by Matthew McConaughey, illustrated by Renée Kurilla

Academy Award-winning actor and bestselling author Matthew McConaughey ventures into children’s literature with a soulful and irreverent picture book that embraces life’s contradictions and offers a whimsical celebration of life’s multifaceted beauty. With a blend of wisdom and humour, McConaughey encourages readers, young and old, to revel in the richness of possibility that surrounds us all. 

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Flat Cat
by Tara Lazar, illustrated by Pete Oswald

In this delightful book by critically acclaimed author Tara Lazar and renowned illustrator Pete Oswald, readers are taken on a journey into the life of a unique feline. With humour and heart, this story explores the concept of embracing change and discovering the joy of newfound friendships. Oswald’s illustrations add a charming touch to this hilarious and endearing tale that cat lovers of all ages will appreciate. 

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How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney?
by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen 

Beleaguered professor Jason Fitger chaperones 11 undergrads in an ‘experience: abroad,’ and in doing so, navigates the complex personalities of his students while ensuring safe passage for all. This compelling book speaks to our need for human connection, and the surprising places in which it is sometimes found. 

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The Mountain 
by Ximo Abadía, 
Little Gestalten

Inviting young readers on an exquisite adventure into the heart of nature’s beauty, The Mountain captures the sheer joy of exploring the mountains through vivid illustrations and poetic prose. From hiking to camping, encountering wildlife and relishing the changing weather this is a delightful book for children to cherish.

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My Art Book of Adventure
by Shana Gozansky

Presented as a captivating celebration of life’s precious moments, this book has been thoughtfully curated with 35 exquisite artworks from various periods, allowing young readers to explore their own adventures through the lens of art. A book that children of all ages and parents can enjoy, this will be a beautiful addition to any bedside table. 

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