Meet Littlemore, the local charity making it easier than ever to give families in need a helping hand

It was the heartbreak of hearing about newborns leaving hospital with nothing more than baby-sized gowns for clothes that inspired Laura Howard to start Littlemore. Built on the philosophy that every baby deserves a good start, Littlemore collects good-quality, pre-loved baby gear from donors and gives it directly to families in need. And if the charity’s exponential growth over the last few years is anything to go by, the need out there is great. 

The Philosophy 
Littlemore wants to provide New Zealand families with essential clothes, tools and equipment to keep their newborn babies safe and nurtured. At its heart, Littlemore is about encouraging generosity, building community connection and facilitating the act of giving in the simplest, most straightforward way. Importantly, this charity works alongside groups from a diverse cross-section of New Zealand and has strong relationships with people working and living
in various communities in order to identify the greatest need. 

Who Are They 
After hearing from her midwife that some Kiwi families were leaving the hospital with virtually nothing for their newborns, Laura Howard (a new mum herself) couldn’t sit by and do nothing. At first, Howard tapped into her own network of new parents to deliver bundles of pre-loved baby clothes and essentials to maternity wards (to be distributed by midwives), but once it became apparent that there was a much greater need out there, Littlemore was born. Since its inception in 2013, this charity has grown from small beginnings in its founder’s home to occupying its own (kindly donated) commercial space in Storage King Grey Lynn. It attracts thousands of donations every year and now boasts a team of more than 70 volunteers, including a board of trustees. 

What They Do 
In the simplest terms, Littlemore gets pre-loved baby essentials from generous Kiwi donors and delivers them directly to families who need them. By partnering with organisations who have the experience and expertise to identify families with the most need, Littlemore can be sure that it is being strategic with its giving and making the most significant impact. It is important to note that Littlemore honours the families it helps by only accepting high-quality baby gear that is safe, clean and in great condition. 

How To Get Involved 
It’s very easy to help Littlemore’s cause. All you have to do is collect a bundle of pre-loved baby essentials such as clothing or gear (as long as everything is in good condition) and take it to one of the charity’s donation drop off spots at Storage King Takapuna or Storage King Grey Lynn.


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