Extract from New York City Chic

From artistic monographs to explorations of the world’s most dazzling destinations, these are the coffee table books worth poring over

If you’re looking for a way to escape the every day, we’ve got just the thing. This edit of new coffee table books is perfect for the escapists amongst us — offering hours of entertainment delighting in fashion, art, travel, and more, all without leaving the comfort of your home. From beautiful imagery to intimate details and untold stories, here are six inspiring coffee table books to acquire now.

New York Chic

Seen through the lens of Oliver Pilcher, this captivating visual journey offers an intimate portrayal of the city that never sleeps. Going beyond New York clichés, the book explores everyday moments and features iconic personalities like Zaldy Goco and Françoise Gilot, giving a glimpse into their creative spaces. Here, Pilcher captures the essence of New York’s diversity, showcasing the metropolis’ sprawling, iconic cityscape through the eyes of artists, writers, designers and chefs who call it home. A vibrant celebration of dreams and possibilities in The Big Apple, New York Chic is a must-have for any well-curated bookshelf.

Secret Stays

Take a journey to the most unique, unknown, and remarkable hotels around the world in Secret Stays; an evocative new tome that presents 22 of the world’s most secretive spots. Illustrated by extensive, captivating imagery that celebrates the past and present of each property, within this book you’ll find secluded abbeys, ancient manors, modern homes, larger-than-life mansions, Japanese machiya town houses, and more, accompanied by anecdotes and meaningful insight into the history and best-kept secrets of the properties on the pages.

Barbie: The World Tour

Delivering behind-the-scenes access to the red carpet looks that made global headlines, Barbie: The World Tour documents the outfits chosen by stylist Andrew Mukamal for Margot Robbie while promoting her groundbreaking film, Barbie. Shot by fashion photographer Craig McDean, Robbie is captured in dazzling outfits, from Schiaparelli to vintage Chanel, showcasing how cleverly Mukamal brought Barbie’s lauded fashion to life. Celebrating the cultural moment of the movie and 65 years of the doll’s captivating legacy, this book is perfect for fashion and Barbie fans alike.

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Bulgari: Beyond Time

Touted as the definitive exploration of Bulgari’s history of horology and jewellery-inspired creativity, this incredibly detailed and visually stunning book spans over a century of Swiss-Italian watchmaking achievements. Authored by Bulgari’s foremost specialists, Bulgari: Beyond Time comprises captivating illustrations and conversations with key figures, delving into Bulgari’s iconic watch collections to reveal the profound emotional connection each timepiece holds. Insightful essays from global luminaries add depth and cultivate a conversation about the future of watches. Bulgari’s commitment to forging meaningful links across centuries and even, beyond Earth itself.

Julian Schnabel

In this vibrant monograph, explore the tapestry of Julian Schnabel’s artistic universe and his penchant for transforming everyday materials into compelling art. From broken plates to unconventional surfaces like market stall covers, Schnabel’s creativity is famously limitless, and this book offers an intimate portrait of the artist’s unique eye. Whether directing award-winning movies or crafting sculptures, Schnabel’s urgency to infuse life into his work is palpable throughout, making this edition a comprehensive celebration of his multifaceted oeuvre, and a collectable piece indeed.


Chronicling 150 years of maritime excellence, this book (penned by marine journalist Kevin Koenig) celebrates Benetti’s enduring legacy of luxury yacht construction, delving into its evolution from wooden sailing ships to cutting-edge giga-yachts and featuring iconic vessels like El Caran and Nabila. Via exclusive content and unseen photographs, Benetti gives insight into collaborations with renowned designers and prestigious clientele (including Zlatan Ibrahimović), each page reinforcing the brand’s commitment to Italian craftsmanship and sustainability.


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