Photo: Olivia Kirkpatrick

6 ways to keep your dad entertained this Father’s Day

Regardless of whether your old man is a nature lover, an art buff or just a simple dinner-and-drinks type of guy, there’s plenty you can do to celebrate Father’s Day. Simply consult our list below and let the brownie points roll in.

Take him out to dine
Dinner is not exactly a groundbreaking concept, but the joy of a good feed with good company is something we’re not taking for granted as of late. There’s an array of enticing dinner deals on around Auckland, from favourites such as Ostro‘s Sunday Roast, Soul‘s special three-course meal and NSP‘s long Italian-inspired lunch (with frosty Peroni included). We’ve rounded up the best places to visit in town this Father’s Day, be sure to get in quick to secure your spot.

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Have him indulge in a spa treatment
It’s fairly likely Dad’s brushed up against some unusually stressful situations this year, so a luxurious spa treatment of some sort is long overdue. Luckily, the experts have it covered, with a suite of relaxing and invigorating options available. East Day Spa is offering Dad’s Day Off and Pampering For Papa packages, incorporating a mix of massage, facials and treatments. Elsewhere, Spring Spa has it covered with Boxing Pro (including Hemp Seed massage and Studio Box class pass) and Detox Dad (including signature massage and Codage facial) packages. Forme Spa‘s Rock Me and Work Me Out massages are also a popular pick, as is its Biolements Facial for Men.

Take him shopping
There’s only so much online shopping one can do, so why not go analogue with an IRL retail experience. Whether Dad needs something in particular or simply wants to explore recently opened destinations like Commercial Bay, pop to shops and make it a day to remember.

Peruse an art gallery
Get a well-deserved dose of culture by visiting one of Auckland’s excellent art galleries. We recommend Auckland Art Gallery‘s exhibition I’m Your Man (A Portrait of Leonard Cohen), which pays tribute to the works of revered musician and poet Leonard Cohen. It’s perfect for art buffs and music aficionados alike. If you’ve forgotten a gift, nip to the thoughtfully curated gift shop.

Go for a hike
Put those long lockdown walks to good use and link up with your dad for an amble in the great outdoors. From beachside strolls to bush treks, there’s plenty of beautiful local walks and hikes across Auckland to choose from. Fresh air and quality time — what more could you want?

Or, just buy him a gift and be done with it
If time pressure or distance has disrupted best-laid plans, never fear, there’s always the option of a great gift. From simple tokens of love to sublime gestures, our gift guide is sure to inspire the perfect present for your dad.


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