Denizen’s Tennis Etiquette: The dos & don’ts of attending the ASB Classic in partnership with official Champagne sponsor G.H. Mumm

Tennis is an unquestionably elegant sport, and as such, one for civilised spectatorship. Thanks to the elevated nature of tournaments such as the forthcoming ASB Classic, there’s a certain artistry to being an attendee, where whites are encouraged, champagne sipped from flutes, and onlookers expected to maintain a certain sense of decorum not afforded to other sports.

This équilibre is even more pertinent when being hosted by the ASB Classic’s Official Champagne Partner, G.H. Mumm, in the Maison Mumm Marquee where luxury, elegance and joie de vivre collide. Here, attendees can find crisp flutes of Champagne and delicious food to enjoy between riveting matches.

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To help you to avoid any unfortunate mishaps, we’ve crafted an extensive list of courtside dos and don’ts for tennis-goers, meaning that all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself on the day with Mumm in hand, cocooned in the comfort of Mumm’s elegant, French-inspired saloon.

01. When getting ready for the tournament…

DO: Channel Kate Middleton in the Royal Box at Wimbledon. Wear something elegant, comfortable and understated. Remember a hat and sunglasses.

DON’T: Wear jandals. In fact, steer clear of beach attire altogether. The grandstand is no place for flip-flops, bikini tops or bare chests.

02. When preparing to be hosted by G.H. Mumm…

DO: Brush up on your wine knowledge, ensuring you’ve mastered the 3 V’s (Vineyard, Varietal, Vintage).

DON’T: Comment on your preference for beer. You’re at the wrong event.

03. Service Time…

DO: Sit straight-backed and cross-legged, with your eyes firmly towards the court. Now is not the time to socialise.

DON’T: Let out a sigh and demand another drink.

04. When it’s a Tie-break…

DO: Lean forward to observe the action from the edge of your seat. Embrace the tension.

DON’T: Yell profanities if your player loses a point.

05. Swapping Ends…

DO: Use this time to excuse yourself to use the facilities.

DON’T: Try to start a Mexican wave.

06. When the ball hits the net…

DO: Inhale dramatically.

DON’T: Proclaim, “It’s N-E-T, not L-E-T!”

07. During the 90-second Break…

DO: Attend to any missed text messages.

DON’T: Use this short reprieve to loudly Facetime your friend and boast about how good your day is.

08. When your player is losing…

DO: Offer the rival’s fans a civilised cheers with your flute of G.H. Mumm.

DON’T: Stomp your foot and storm off in a huff.

09. Really Long Rallies…

DO: Look around once it’s all over and nod in approval to fellow attendees (thus, sorting the wheat from the tennis-watching chaff).

DON’T: Decide that now would be an opportune moment to loudly discuss dinner plans.

10. When it’s an Ace…

DO: Pass a shrewd comment about the importance of maintaining one’s composure.

DON’T: Start heckling the point-losing player.

11. When it’s Deuce…

DO: Humbly observe that “it’s really anyone’s game”.

DON’T: Say, “apple or orange”.

12. When ordering a glass of G.H. Mumm…

DO: Wait for an opportune moment (see: not mid-rally), to visit the Maison Mumm Marquee.

DON’T: Miss your opportunity to visit G.H. Mumm’s luxurious hub of hospitality.

13. When it’s all over…

DO: Find a rival supporter and shake his/her hand saying “fabulous game”.

DON’T: Haughtily smirk at those who supported the losing side.

The ASB Classic will take place at Auckland’s ASB Tennis Centre from the 1st-13th January 2024.


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