The podcasts to listen to if you want to be better with money

She’s On The Money
Sharing expert tips in a millennial-skewed manner, Victoria Devine makes the pursuit of financial freedom accessible and fun. Each episode addresses the ins and outs of modern money management, in a way that makes you feel like they were literally tailored to you. Favourites so far include A rookie’s guide to investing, Shake that tax for me, Ahh, Afterpay and my personal favourite, If you like piña coladas (and being fiscally conservative).

Money Diaries
Refinery29’s finance-focused podcast is popular for the honesty with which it addresses salary and spending. With each episode focused around a different woman explaining in detail her salary, take-home pay and monthly expenses it’s a fascinating insight into how other people allocate their personal funds and what we can all do to mitigate common mistakes.

Listen Money Matters
‘Not your Father’s boring finance show,’ this podcast deals with matters of the wallet in an engaging, truthful way. Discussions are down-to-earth, funny and deliver actionable advice that reaches through to people who often switch off when finance advice is being dished out (guilty). Interesting episodes so far include, How to Monetize a Blog Quickly, The Smart Way to Buy Property and Marie Kondo Your Finances so They Spark Joy Too.

The Pineapple Project
Hosted by Aussie comedian Claire Hooper, this ABC-produced podcast series looks at the fundamentals of money and career — season 1 dedicated to the former, season 2 to the latter. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on the first, but both are worth a listen. Hooper delves into things like the life-changing magic of a budget, the psychology of money and how to demolish debt — all in a distinctly funny and straight-forward way.


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