From beautiful coffee-table books to fascinating novels, this is everything to read in the coming months

As the promise of new beginnings hangs in the air, we are treated to a raft of new reads to keep us captivated and enthralled in the months ahead. From stunning new coffee table books and fascinating novels to non-fiction books that will change the way you think, and even a few books to make you laugh, let this be your comprehensive guide on what to read this Spring. 

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Coffee Table Books

Dior by Raf Simons

Exploring a mesmerising chapter in the illustrious history of haute couture, this book delves into the visionary creations of Raf Simons during his tenure at the iconic house of Christian Dior. A maestro of contemporary design, Simons’ signature aesthetic and innovative approach intertwined seamlessly with the allure of Dior’s timeless femininity in a marriage that has been impeccably captured by the lens of Laziz Hamani. Accompanied by words written by veteran fashion journalist Tim Blanks, Dior by Raf Simons is an exquisite coffee table treasure and a must-have for connoisseurs of both fashion and art.

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Andy Warhol: Seven Illustrated Books 1952 – 1959

Step back in time to the vibrant streets of 1950s New York, where a young Andy Warhol at the start of his career crafted seven exclusive artist’s books, each one a testament to his exceptional skill and creativity. Here, Taschen has carefully reproduced these cherished books, offering a rare glimpse into the whimsical world of Warhol, where cats, food, myths, shoes and beauty collide in a kaleidoscope of wit and charm. Indulge in the captivating allure of Love Is a Pink Cake, 25 Cats Named Sam, and À la Recherche du Shoe Perdu, as Warhol’s distinctive character and extraordinary artistry unfurl with each turn of the page. 

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Walter Chandoha Cats: Photographs 1942 – 2018 

n 1949, a chance encounter with a stray kitten named Loco propelled Walter Chandoha into a remarkable career as a photographer. In this new book, Cats, his iconic images capturing the charm and elegance of feline subjects are showcased in all their glory. From studio portraits to street photography, Chandoha’s work influenced generations and even inspired Andy Warhol. This collection is a tribute to his extraordinary talent and enduring compassion for these beguiling creatures.

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The Fashion Yearbook 2023

Immersing us in the vibrant world of international fashion, The Fashion Yearbook 2023 is filled with the finest editorials, covers and campaigns of the year. In showcasing the immense creative talent operating behind the scenes and celebrating the industry’s top achievements, this tome is a visual masterpiece and an indispensable resource for fashion aficionados. 

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Norman Foster: Networks

This remarkable, two-volume monograph, delves into the extraordinary career of Norman Foster, one of the world’s most influential and well-known architects. Showcasing his iconic designs and unwavering commitment to sustainability, this comprehensive work features unpublished images, sketches, and Foster’s personal insights, providing a rare glimpse into his creative process. Unsurprisingly, it has fast become an essential addition to the library of any architect or admirer of his pioneering work.

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Tokyo Chic

Explore the captivating allure of Tokyo through the lens of award-winning photographer Andrea Fazzari in Tokyo Chic. This visually-arresting new addition to Assouline’s signature ‘Chic’ series celebrates the City’s architectural marvels, culinary treasures and unmatched style. Offering exclusive access to hidden gems (rarely accessible by the public) and insider perspectives, Fazzari’s curated photography immerses readers in the vibrant tapestry of Tokyo’s neighbourhoods, and speaks to the pulsating energy and cultural splendour of this remarkable and unique city.

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Ultimate Collector: Motorcycles

Dive into motorcycle history with this lavishly-curated volume that showcases 100 of the most spectacular bikes on the planet, from legendary motorcycles, to record-breakers, to iconic racers. Featuring stunning imagery, rare archival content and exclusive interviews, this XXL tome speaks to the spirit of adventure that draws people to motorcycle culture, and is a must-have for any lover of two-wheeled transportation.

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Books to keep you up past bedtime

The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store
by James McBride

Delving into the secrets of a small-town community, this gripping novel is set in 1972 Pennsylvania. Here, the author explores the lives and lies of residents living on Chicken Hill after a skeleton was discovered at the bottom of a well. A compassionate and inventive page-turner.

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The Fraud
by Zadie Smith

In this mesmerising work of historical fiction, Zadie Smith takes us to Victorian England, and the infamous Tichborne Trial. A captivating tale led by an astute housekeeper and a former slave, Smith explores class, justice and identity in an enthralling read that will leave you questioning the nature of truth itself.

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by Mona Awad

In this dark, Gothic fairy tale,
crafted by the talented author of Bunny, Belle, a dress shop clerk, embarks on a treacherous journey after her mother’s untimely death. As she navigates her mother’s debts and uncovers unsettling clues, Belle is drawn into the sinister world of a transformative spa with a chilling secret.

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The Apology
by Jimin Han

In this intergenerational tale a centenarian grandmother in South Korea receives a letter. Ten days later she is thrust into the afterlife, battling a curse that could impact her family for generations. An exquisitely-crafted blend of ghost story and family epic, Jimin Han has crafted a masterful tale, where a family’s fate rests on the shoulders of a 105-year-old woman.

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Books to make you laugh

It Never Ends: A Memoir with Nice Memories 
by Tom Scharpling

Said to possess a ‘genre-defying’ comedic mind, lauded writer Tom Scharpling reflects on his upbringing in this funny, touching and inspiring memoir. An unforgettable tale of personal growth from one of the funniest writers of our time, this is sure to deliver plenty of giggles.  

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Save What’s Left
by Elizabeth Castellano

This outrageously funny debut novel tells the story of Kathleen Deane, a woman who seeks solace in a picturesque beach community after her husband’s surprising confession. Instead of idyllic calm, she finds herself at war with her eccentric neighbours with hilarious and heartwarming results. 

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Death Valley
by Melissa Broder

A tale of loss and the boundless depths of the human spirit, Melissa Broder’s new masterpiece is a darkly funny, imaginative and profoundly moving novel. When a grieving woman seeks solace at a remote motel, she embarks on a transformative journey, guided by an encounter with a peculiar cactus.  

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The English Experience
by Julie Schumacher

Beleaguered professor Jason Fitger chaperones 11 undergrads in an ‘experience: abroad,’ and in doing so, navigates the complex personalities of his students while ensuring safe passage for all. This compelling book speaks to our need for human connection, and the surprising places in which it is sometimes found. 

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Books to shift your perspective 

The Myth of Normal
by Dr Gabor Maté

With decades of clinical expertise, Dr Gabor Maté speaks to the profound impact of trauma and of the pitfalls of modern society on our physical and mental wellbeing. Here, co-writing with his son, Daniel, Maté offers a compassionate path to healing, where true health lies in reconnecting with our authentic selves. 

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The Biggest Ideas in the Universe
by Sean Carroll

Prepare to be inspired as Sean Carroll unravels the mysteries of modern science and physics in a way that is as captivating as a work of art. From the profound ideas that shape our reality to the poetry of equations to concepts of multidimensional landscapes, this title will expand your mind like nothing else. 

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How to Say Babylon
by Safiya Sinclair 

Safiya Sinclair’s haunting memoir sees her confront her radicalised upbringing in Jamaica. In this lyrical, moving masterpiece the author reveals her quest for freedom, set against the oppressive reign of her father. Via a profound narrative, it is a book that illuminates the power of hope, intellect and imagination.

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While You Were Out
by Meg Kissinger

A candid and frightfully intimate account of mental illness, Meg Kissinger’s memoir speaks to how we deal with these conversations in ‘an era of silence’. Beginning with her personal experiences of depression, suicide and violence growing up, the book opens outwards and begs readers to consider how systemically, we can do better for those struggling most.

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Books to lend to your friends 

Sweet, Soft, Plenty Rhythm
by Laura Warrell

Set in the vibrant world of a Boston trumpet player, this wonderfully lyrical, evocative tale intertwines love, family and self-discovery. Told by a cast of diverse female voices and poignant revelations,
it is an elegant exploration of passion, hope, and the intricate bonds that define us.

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The Vulnerables 
by Sigrid Nunez

In this captivating new book, three strangers are thrown together in a Manhattan apartment: a solitary writer, a Gen Z college dropout, and a spirited parrot named Eureka. Here, Sigrid Nunez explores our complex modern world via themes of connection, humour, and the power of empathy.

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by Jamel Brinkley

Off the back of his debut short-story collection (which were called ‘near faultless’) Jamel Brinkley is back with another work, comprising ten, page-turning stories. Painting portraits of intimacy, friendship, grief and mourning against the backdrop of New York City, this book is shaping up to be a standout of the year.

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The Land of Milk and Honey
by C Pam Zhang 

Dubbed a ‘sharp, sensual piece
of art,’ this exquisite book tells the story of a chef who escapes an ominous fog and dying, dreary city for a decadent mountaintop colony populated by the global elite. There, the sky is clear and
food abounds but under the surface, not all is as it seems.

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