Art Market: Elevate your surroundings with our selection of refined and striking masterpieces

Never underestimate the power of an exquisite piece of art to transform any space. Here, we have rounded up a selection of refined masterpieces that will challenge your perspective and deliver depth and dynamism to any space, each one destined to remain an interesting addition to your home for years to come.

Soul IV by Ray Haydon, 2020. $39,500. Marine grade stainless steel, 1200 x 600 x 600mm.
From Sanderson Contemporary
Anchor by Tia Ansell, 2023. $4,500. Acrylic on cotton and acrylic handwoven weaving in aluminium frame, 640 x 500 x 40mm. From {Suite} Gallery
Freshwater Nasturtiums by Nick Herd, 2021. $4,500. Oil on canvas, 610 x 762mm. From Parlour Projects

Endless Summer-Infinity Work by Max Patte, 2023. $65,000. Automotive paints, acrylic paints, clear cast acrylic, epoxy resin, clear coat, custom board, 2 way glass, mirror, LEDs, 24v power supply, electrical cable, 240v plug, 1800 Ø x 72mm, 114kg. From Lightworx Queenstown
Hidden Gems by Katherine Throne, 2023. $3,050. Oil on canvas400 x 500mm, framed. From Sanderson Contemporary
Inversion by Roger Murray, 2023. $4,700. Resin, pearl lacquer 600 x 600 x 45mm. Edition of 5. From {Suite} Gallery
#1 by Zara Dolan, 2021. $2,950. Monotype print, 650 x 450mm, framed. From Sanderson Contemporary
Untitled by Antonio Murado, 2022. $30,000. Oil on linen, 1650 x 1140mm. From Gow Langsford Gallery
Untitled Yellow Square IV by Robert Moreland, 2023. $27,000. Drop cloth on wooden panel with acrylic paint, tacks & leather hinges, 1016 x 1016 x 152.40mm. From Starkwhite
Glacier Country III by Stephen Ellis, 2023. $4,500. Soot on Hahnemuhle paper, 560 x 440mm. From Sanderson Contemporary
Kui & Papa by Billy McQueen, 2023. $2,150. Oil & Rabbit Skin, Gesso on Canvas, 470 x 460mm. From Föenander Galleries
Reprise by Freeman White, 2023. $8,500. Oil on linen, 420mm x 620mm, framed. From Sanderson Contemporary


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