New Balance Made in USA 990v6 in black with white

Step out in style this season in New Balance’s Made in USA collection

New Balance needs little introduction. For the past century (plus), the family-owned brand has been crafting high quality, high performance, and often — whether intentionally or not, high fashion sneakers, with considered craftsmanship and unmatched utility at the fore.

Their latest release, the New Balance Made in USA 990v6, is a modern riff on their most classic and timeless sneaker. Originally designed in 1906, with subtle changes over time, the 990v6’s appeal remains universal today, offering a contemporary take on the classic sneaker design that elevates its everyday wearability. This iteration furthers the sneaker’s fashionable allure, thanks to sleek new materiality, while an update to the practical tech makes this shoe’s undeniable appeal all the more ubiquitous.

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New Balance Made in USA 990v6 in black with white
New Balance Made in USA 990v6 in grey

As the name might suggest, the entire Made in USA collection is made in America — something that very few brands can lay claim to, with most American footwear now produced offshore. And while there are many hues on offer, from soft, pastel shades like maize and winter fog, to a warm, weather-ready neutral sandstone, a striking true camo, and macadamia nut and arctic grey iterations featuring contrasting black soles and two-tone hiking laces, it’s the original grey shades that have our attention. A perhaps little-known fact is that New Balance was the first sneaker producers to offer a grey sneaker. In a world of white, New Balance wanted to create a unique, urban offering — something that stood out while blending in with their surrounds. A colour now ubiquitous with the brand, and the shade that has remained New Balance’s calling card.

New Balance Made in USA 990v6 in black with white and grey

This dedication to carving a new path has always been central to the brand’s ethos, the Made in USA collection taking this one step further — born from an unwavering commitment to those who want to stand out from the crowd and express themselves fearlessly, without compromising on comfort and quality.

With an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and innovation, New Balance is not only making strides in style — it’s setting the benchmark for what a sneaker brand should be.

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New Balance Made in USA 990v6
New Balance Made in USA 990v6 in grey available in Women’s and Men’s
New Balance Made in USA 990v6 in black with white available in Women’s and Men’s


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