How to keep your shoe game strong while practicing social distancing

Working from home means there are less people around to judge you by the shoes you wear but that’s no reason for exposing your toes to cold floorboards or stray Lego pieces.

Choosing the right footwear could have a serious impact on your performance, helping you crush deadlines and budgets rather than falling into a black hole of Netflix and ASMR video clips.

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Research from Northwestern University in the US shows that wearing specific articles of clothing has a direct effect on your psychology and performance. The term ‘enclothed cognition’ describes the connection between clothing and your psychological state.

So wearing pool slides at home could trick your mind into thinking it’s time for sun, surf and sangria instead of spreadsheets.

Get your brain in gear and launch into working remotely feet first.

The morning commute
Get your creative juices flowing, even if it takes you five seconds to get to work from your bed to your laptop. Encased in the athletic Adidas designs your brain is bound to break records that will leave all thoughts of your slippers in the dust.

Wear them with dark wash denim or chinos and keep your feet feeling on top of things.

WIP it good
It’s important to reassure your colleagues by chat or email that it’s business as usual. The classic derby polished to perfection instantly gives an instant sense of security. If it worked for grandpa in World War II it will work in 2020.

Presentation pieces
Just because you’ve adjusted the lighting, your half-Windsor knot and arranged the books in camera-view behind you doesn’t mean that you’re ready to dazzle your superiors on a tele-conference.

Your feet might be out of view but Alessandro Michele’s signature snake design loafers for Gucci will have your brain prepared to strike (venom optional).

Social distance coffee
Some meetings can’t be kept to a conference call, so head to a restaurant where social-distancing measures are in place. This far from basic black boot lets them know you mean business.

Good design

If you need to channel your inner architect without conducting a site visit, approach blueprints and plans in the design uniform of a simple sneaker. Swap out gloomy black with feel good blue suede. A matching turtleneck is optional.

End of work drinks
Instead of racing to the car park and chasing traffic you can pour yourself a whiskey and congratulate yourself on making it to the end of another day. Things instantly feel better in these fashion forward slippers from Louis Vuitton. 

They let your brain know it’s time to relax and you don’t have to worry about getting them scuffed outside your front door.


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