The beauty trend you should get on board with — according to your star sign

AriesGlossy lids
Pair your dynamic, quick Aries nature with some dewy eyelids to ensure you make an impression even when you’re flying by. Appealing to your competitive nature, this beautiful look will be a head-turner without feeling ‘too much.’

Taurus Gold flake
As the Zodiac’s lovers of luxury, you Taurus will naturally gravitate towards anything you can bask in — which makes this gilded trend perfect for you. From skin care products that include gold flake to makeup looks that incorporate golden, glowing pigments, however you incorporate this trend into your day-to-day, we can guarantee you’ll feel great doing it.

Gemini No makeup, perfect skin
Putting your focus on cultivating glowing, flawless skin will mean that all your overachieving can be done undisrupted by a makeup routine, Gemini. You’re busy. You don’t have time for primers or bronzers or complicated lids. Simply focus on your skincare routine and slap on some SPF before you leave the house. Chic.

Cancer90s revival
Tap into your penchant for sentimentality, Cancer, and embrace the cool return of the 90s to the beauty cabinet. Whether it’s a matte eyelid, a tonal lip liner or a peachy cheek, this moody trend will have you reliving your youth.

LeoExtreme winged liner
Delight your adoring fans, Leo, with this bold, brazen trend that will have everyone you pass doing a double-take. Extend the wing of a classic liquid liner all the way out to where it almost touches the edge of your brow, or simply double the width of the liner you would usually do and grab that spotlight with both hands.

VirgoBrows, brows, brows
There is something about fluffy, full brows that will appeal to your inner perfectionist, Virgo. In order to nail the statement brow, pick up a pencil and a gel and work on getting the arch just right. It will change the proportions of your face and make your whole look feel finished.

LibraAll about Blush
Balance the tones of your face, Libra, by buying into the all-over blush look. Pick a pink that suits your skin tone and apply the same one to cheeks, eyelids and lips for a monochromatic look that will satisfy your even-handed nature.

Scorpio — ‘Extra’ nails
Accent your passionate speeches with nails that do some of the talking for you. Tap into your inherent bravery to experiment with coloured, patterned and themed talons and wave them about ceremoniously when you speak.

SagittariusHigh-saturation colour
Pops of colour have been huge in beauty this year, and they’re something that will appeal to your enthusiastic, extroverted nature Sagittarius. Whether you smudge a neon hue on your lid, experiment with a bright lip or add some unexpected colour to your cheeks, this is a fun trend that will give new life to your look.

CapricornSmoky brown eyeshadow
We know, Capricorn, you have far more serious things to worry about than silly beauty trends. So in light of such, we would encourage you to embrace the sleek, brown smoky eye. An uncomplicated look to achieve, this is one that will accentuate your natural features without demanding attention — leaving you to get back to the task at hand.

AquariusFace appliqués
Ah Aquarius — you crazy cat you. Maintain your reputation for originality by going off-piste with your beauty look and embracing the face-sticker trend. If anyone can pull it off, you can.

Pisces Glitter eyes
Sure to appeal to your artistic nature, Pisces, the glittery lid will not only allow you to get creative with your look but will also enhance those big, wise, empathetic eyes of yours. Whether doing it in a bold or subtle way, this will enhance your kind nature while setting you apart from the rest.


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These limited edition, Amisfield kombuchas are set to be the drink of spring

Our favourite kombucha brand, Batchwell has just released two limited-edition drops, and they simply cannot go amiss. Say hello to the Motueka Hops and the Sauvignon Grape, the two, beer and wine-inspired flavours crafted by Batchwell, in collaboration with Motueka Hops and Amisfield Winery.

The Amisfield Sauvignon Grape Kombucha uses ripe grapes from the first stage of the fermentation process, which allows the flavours to flourish and develop throughout the brewing process. While the Motueka Hops rendition boasts a bold and unique floral aroma with notes of elderflower and refreshing lemon zest, and is truly one-of-a-kind. Giving the phrase ‘cracking open a cold one’ whole new meaning, this cool, refreshing drop is the beverage we’ll be keeping on hand for the warmer months to come.

Batchwell’s limited kombuchas are available in selected local supermarkets around New Zealand as well as on their online store.


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Global milk tea sensation, Machi Machi, opens its first store in Auckland

Comfort food and bottomless coffee collide at Avondale’s delicious new cafe

New Zealand’s largest boating spectacle is coming back to the Viaduct Harbour

Come the 3rd of October, crowds will descend upon the glistening Viaduct Harbour to revel in the much-awaited Auckland On Water Boat Show. The country’s largest watercraft extravaganza is back for its 21st year, this time bringing with it over 200 domestic and international marine businesses, alongside a captivating array of goods from boat dealers and manufacturers.

This year’s exhibitors, from both near and far, are sure to keep boat enthusiasts inspired. Maritimo, for example, will be showcasing four prime examples of innovative design, each hand-crafted in Australia, alongside a medley of fine local talent derived from the likes of Smuggler Marine, Tectrax, Dickey Boats and The Yacht Collective. Set to deliver a completely unparalleled experience, this is New Zealand’s only event where guests can witness the vessels both on and off the water.

So whether you are hoping to invest joint ownership of a luxury vessel, treat yourself to a new watersport toy, catch up on equipment releases or merely take a look at how the other half lives when sea-bound, you can rest assured that the Auckland On Water Boat Show has everything to entertain any and all. While tickets are available on the door, those eager few who purchase early bird tickets online will go into the draw to win part of a huge prize pool — ensuring that the summer boating season really kicks off with a bang. To buy, click here.

The Auckland On Water Boat Show runs from 3rd – 6th October, from 10am – 6pm Thursday to Saturday, and 10am to 5pm on Sunday.


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Food For Thought: The new approach to dieting isn’t what you would expect

Gone are the days of the hard-to-stick-to, the farfetched and the downright dangerous diets (how did the Cotton Ball diet become a thing?!) — today, the argument for a more relaxed approach to eating has seen a dismantling of diet culture. Right now everybody’s throwing caution to the wind with the new form of culinary inspiration: the anti-diet book. Packed with scientific information, compelling stories and plenty of myth-busting, anti-diet books are encouraging us to ignore everything we already know about wellness and health and learn something new. Essentially, that it’s time we all started enjoying food again. Hear hear.

Gene Eating
by Giles Yeo
Dr Yeo delves into the science of weight and obesity as he debunks everything we thought we knew about diets and dieting. Come for the facts, stay for Yeo’s self-deprecating humour.
Key Takeout: Genetics play a far greater role in our weight than you would think.

Just Eat It
by Laura Thomas
Registered nutritionist Laura Thomas PhD throws off the shackles of restrictive dieting and punishing exercise in favour of intuitive eating.
Key Takeout: We need to rely on our natural hunger and fullness cues, and learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger. 

The No Need To Diet Book
by Pixie Turner
Turner encourages us to become a ‘diet rebel’ in this frank exposé of all the things we still get wrong about food and health — challenging misconceptions on everything from orthorexia to emotional eating. 
Key Takeout: We can cater to and understand eating disorders if we destigmatise and normalise the issue. 

Eat It Anyway
by Eve Simmons & Laura Dennison 
Eat it Anyway brings in experts to quash myths and provide an unbiased exploration of food — all alongside some seriously delicious recipes from prominent names in the food industry.
Key Takeout: We need to view food as the epicentre of an enjoyable life, one that brings people together and creates memories.

The F*ck It Diet: Eating Should Be Easy
by Caroline Dooner
With a unique, no-nonsense voice, Caroline Dooner — a former raw vegan and yo-yo dieter — dishes out all the truths alongside a hefty dollop of humour and even some self-care tools that can be carried out at home.
Key Takeout: Our bodies are actually hardwired against dieting, and diets actually make us even more fixated on food.

Is Butter a Carb?
by Helen West and Rosie Saunt
Registered dietitians and founders of The Rooted Project, Rosie Saunt and Helen West, tackle common misunderstandings as they explore the latest links between diet culture and weight stigma.
Key Takeout: Gut health is a key component when it comes to healthy, natural weight loss.


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Newmarket Westfield’s new Italian eatery is blurring the lines between retail and dining

Expectations have been high for the opening of New Zealand’s biggest shopping mall — Westfield Newmarket. Now, a section has finally opened its doors to the public and, after getting a taste of what’s to come, the hype has only intensified. Not least after the reveal of the new Italian eatery, L’Americano, created in collaboration with the renowned Australian interior showroom, Coco Republic.

Crudo from L’Americano

Inspired by Matt Damon’s character in The Talented Mr. Ripley, the ambience of L’Americano is mysterious and classy with a slightly gloomy mood. The space seats up to almost 80 patrons, and is bustling with customers who are in attendance to receive their morning coffee and pastry, alongside those sitting down for a delicious meal. Some might find the concept of joining a furniture store with an eatery quite unusual, but trust us when we say that it works, and very well. Linking hospitality with its showroom allows Coco Republic a more active and lively space, which showcases a different approach to retail and, with the help of owner Antonio Crisci, the food served at L’Americano levels up to the quality of its retail goods.

For those of you who are unaware of Crisci, allow us to give you a brief introduction. He’s a visionary, and the man behind one of Waiheke Island’s most reputable restaurants, Poderi Crisci, and Auckland’s iconic Italian restaurant, Non-Solo Pizza. He has brought his rich knowledge and passion for Italian cuisine, learnt from his mum’s kitchen in Napoli, Southern Italy and poured it into his newest opening — L’Americano.

Cannelloni from L’Americano

The menu has been designed to showcase authentic Italian cuisine in its most delicious form, differentiating it from the usual brunch/cafe fare found around Auckland. With a crudo bar and a crostoni bar, and a menu that boasts breakfast dishes, numerous plates of pasta, salads, antipasti and desserts, you can rest assured there is something for everyone to enjoy. The entire menu has an underlying theme of simplicity, but perfectly executed, proving that sometimes less is more.

Italian influences are found in every dish. The breakfast sandwich, for example, features elements of Italian cuisine by replacing the traditional bacon with a rich and fatty, crispy pancetta. Our favourite dish, the cannelloni, was filled with creamy ricotta and spinach, drenched in a flavourful and comforting Napoli sauce and topped with mozzarella — you really can’t go wrong. For something fresher, we suggest you opt for the Crudo market fish, which is served with finger lime caviar, pickled cucumber, fresh chilli, aged balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil. This dish pairs perfectly with the wide variety of wines and cocktails on offer, which include the classic Negroni, Aperol Spritz and espresso martini.

Breakfast sandwich from L’Americano

Diners are welcome to sit either inside the eatery or within a section of Coco Republic itself, a concept which makes the two different spaces intertwine in an unexpectedly natural way. Together, they are redefining the concept of shopping mall dining and proving that hospitality and retail can truly go hand-in-hand.

Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday — 8:30am until 7pm
Thursday & Friday — 8:30am until 9pm
Saturday & Sunday — 8:30am until 7pm


Shop 123 Level/1, 277 309 Broadway,


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Global milk tea sensation, Machi Machi, opens its first store in Auckland

Comfort food and bottomless coffee collide at Avondale’s delicious new cafe
Michelle makeup table

This furnishings brand is the epitome of refined and elegant European design

Established in 2001 in Italy, ByKepi boasts the refined, elegant luxury that has become so synonymous with European design. Each piece, hand-sewn and hand-carved by each adept craftsman of the 300-member ByKepi team, harmoniously blends this renowned, classic design with a unique approach to comfort, resulting in furniture for the lounge, dining room and bedroom that is as sublime and easy to use as it is to look upon.

L-R Stone Console Table, December Console Table,

Not merely creating pieces for every room of the home, but for every design personality, too, ByKepi offers a range of different styles and designs that can appeal to the refined minimalist just as much as they do the avant-garde.

L-R Soho Coffee Table, Donn Coffee Table, Viento Coffee Table, Viento Side Tables

Despite the brand’s ability to excel in seemingly every scope of furnishing, it’s ByKepi’s approach to the classic table that really has us hooked on their design offerings. Whether side, dining, console or the classic coffee, each table is a prime example of the Italian brand’s decadence. A strong use of opulent material, for example, plays ode to the luxury of the brand, like the rippling marble found in The Viento and The Donna from the Coffee Table collection, or the polished brass and refined stone harnessed in the December console and Stone console, each found in the Sideboards collection.

Exclusively stocked at local luxury furniture supplier, DeLux Interiors, it’s never been easier for Aucklanders to employ a dose of refined, European design into their homes.


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La Mer has updated its cult-favourite Regenerating Serum, and it’s swiftly becoming our new beauty staple

The phrase ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, is one that refers to the reluctance to mess with a winning formula. But what if a winning formula, can become a monumental, better-than-before formula? La Mer, upon throwing caution to the wind and, indeed, messing with an award-winning, applauded product, is proving that this adage doesn’t always ring true. This week, the lauded beauty brand launched a new and refined variation of its esteemed Regenerating Serum, and it’s set to surpass its predecessor in cult favourite status.

It’s been a decade since the first iteration of the Regenerating Serum shook up the beauty industry, and in those ten years, it has cemented itself firmly as a skincare staple. The formula, containing the brand’s renowned sea kelp-infused Miracle Broth, has been commended for its magical skin-firming, radiance-boosting properties, and the newcomer is set to be no different. Like a 2.0 version of the original, the latest Radiance Serum harnesses the same powerful Miracle Broth, this time combining it with Metabolic Ferment, an innovative concoction teeming with concentrated plant stem-cell ingredients.

Alone, the plant stem-cell ingredients can boost the natural collagen of the skin, which in turn rapidly reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. But when the Metabolic Ferment is combined with the Miracle Broth and La Mer’s Lime Tea Concentrate, the ingredients combine together to create a supercharged cocktail that reduces red, blotchy, uneven skin tone, smoothes out pores, and gives the skin a sublime, healthy luminosity. What’s more, the antioxidant properties of the Lime Tea Concentrate means that the serum also serves as a shield, protecting the face from any environmental aggressors and pollution.

Much confusion still lingers around serums, with many remaining sceptical as to whether they are really as vital to regimes as big brands claim them to be. But when you look at the highly-concentrated ingredients, like the sea kelp and plant stem cells found in La Mer’s new offering, it makes it easier to understand serums as the hero powerhouse of any skincare regime. Plus, unlike moisturisers, serums have a light and thin formula which means that these active ingredients can penetrate the skin and target skin gripes on a much deeper level.

Reminding us of the importance of serums and hurling the wrecking ball into an age-old adage in one fell swoop, it seems the renewed Regenerating Serum is already making its mark. And with a formula this groundbreaking, we suspect that the mark is going to be as long-lasting as that of its predecessor.


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What’s the deal with medical cannabis? We chat with the co-founder of Helius

Such widespread misinformation has led to a sense of confusion surrounding CBD and medical cannabis. To clarify the facts, we spoke to Paul Manning, co-founder of medical cannabis company Helius and New Zealand’s leading voice of change.

What is Helius? We are New Zealand’s largest licensed medical cannabis company.

When did Helius begin? Our journey started in March 2017 as an idea to form an enterprise capable of creating economic and social value in equal measure. The company was incorporated last year after we raised $20 million in capital from Kiwi investors. Helius is now unlocking the therapeutic power of the world’s most pharmacologically active plant.

How many people work at Helius, and what are the different roles? Right now, we have 18 staff and a raft of specialist contractors. That number will reach 50 by mid-2020 and nearly 100 once our facility is at full capacity in 2021. Earlier this year we hired Dr Jim Polston as our Chief Science Officer. Jim is a neuroscientist and one of the world’s top medical cannabis scientists. We’ve also recently hired our Cultivation Manager who oversees our 6,500sq/m cannabis grow facility. He is responsible for a small team of horticulturists operating a sophisticated, computer-controlled hydroponic cultivation centre. Our team will also soon include a Medical Science Liaison — a doctor who consults with general practitioners and pharmacists about prescribing and dispensing Helius products. 

Helius is releasing some products this year. What are they and when do they launch? We plan to launch four cannabidiol (CBD) products later this year, before Christmas. These will be locally-designed and manufactured to the highest standards. We have two types of sublingual drops and two types of soft gel capsules. 

What else is in the future for Helius? Future targets will extend beyond symptom relief into disease modification, particularly in the treatment of inflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions.
Within ten years, we expect to have a break-through treatment for chronic pain that provides patients on every continent the opportunity to choose a natural medicine over harmful opioids.
We also expect to have a natural sleep product that will replace often-harsh benzodiazepines. 

Are there plans to expand Helius worldwide, or will it always remain purely New Zealand based? Without a doubt, we have our sights set on becoming a global brand, from New Zealand. Within the next three years, you will see Helius expand into Europe and Asia, we also have an opportunity to serve patients in Australia. That said, our immediate priority is to serve Kiwi patients — we believe all New Zealanders should have ready, equitable access to safe cannabis-based therapeutics. 

What exactly is CBD? CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of many cannabinoids produced by the cannabis family. The two most prevalent cannabinoids are CBD and THC — both are highly therapeutic, but a key difference is that CBD won’t get you high — THC will. CBD appears to offer many medicinal benefits, and has no severe side effects, making it an attractive natural option for many people.

How does it affect our bodies? We all have cannabinoids in our bodies, these are known as endocannabinoids. We humans have a complex cell-signalling system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which was identified in the early 1990s. We now know that cannabinoids like CBD interact with the ECS. The functions of the ECS all contribute to homeostasis, which refers to the stability of your internal environment. For example, if an outside force, such as pain from an injury, throws off your body’s homeostasis, your ECS kicks in to help your body return to its ideal state. Today, experts believe that maintaining homeostasis is the primary role of the ECS and its discovery is largely responsible for medical cannabis reform sweeping through the world.

Is it addictive? People who try cannabis are significantly less likely to become dependent on it than users of just about any other drug, including tobacco, heroin, cocaine, alcohol or stimulants. Some experts say it is less addictive than coffee. 

Can you overdose on medical cannabis? Are there any health concerns? There has never been a recorded death from medical cannabis, it is actually one of the safest, most natural medicines in the world. It’s virtually impossible to consume enough medical cannabis to induce an overdose. That said, like all medicines, cannabis is not without some potential risk. However, the greatest risks are related to the use of cannabis under prohibition — such as no quality control, little to no guidance by a healthcare provider, and the potential legal consequences as a result of growing, possessing or distributing this plant illicitly. 

How can medical cannabis be taken? Medical cannabis can come in a wide variety of formats. At Helius, we’re making soft gel capsules, sublingual drops, topical gels and vaporisers. Most of these are typical medical formats, designed to provide a consistent, measured dose for consumers. 

What is one of the most widely-believed misconceptions surrounding medical cannabis? That all cannabis products get you high. You don’t need to get high, to get healthy. CBD is completely nonintoxicating. THC can make a consumer feel ‘high’, but this effect is largely counteracted when present with equal amounts with CBD.

Are there any other myths that you can clear up? You might hear people say medical cannabis hasn’t been well-studied. This isn’t the case at all — there are hundreds of peer-reviewed studies now published. New research is being undertaken every day. Do we want to see more research? Very much so, but cannabis is exceedingly safe and there is sufficient evidence for its use in treating many conditions and symptoms. 

What is the current legal status of CBD in New Zealand? New Zealand’s Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill passed in December last year and is now an Act. Since then, CBD is no longer a controlled drug. It’s a prescription medicine under the Medicines Act 1981. As with all prescription medicines, patients must have a script from their doctor to import or use CBD products. If you are interested in using CBD for pain, sleep, anxiety or any other condition, you should talk to your doctor.


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