With a revolutionary, eco-friendly formula that promises powerful stain removal, Ecostore’s new Laundry Capsules are essential for any household

When it comes to our laundry routines, we are increasingly looking for eco-friendly alternatives to use in place of the harsh, chemical formulas of conventional detergents. Not only because of the impact that those horrible chemicals can have on our skin and clothes but also, because of the ways in which they seep from our washing machines into the environment, affecting our precious ecosystems.

That said, Ecostore recently unveiled its new Laundry Capsules, which have quickly ascended to the status of ‘essential’ for any household. Offering a simple solution to our search for natural laundry products that actually work to remove stains and odours, each of Ecostore’s Laundry Capsules is a pre-measured, super-concentrated, plant-powered and pH-neutral formulation that harnesses seven natural enzymes to deliver outstanding performance while still minimising our impact on the environment. Seventy percent of the ingredients are cleaning actives, while all the ingredients are biodegradable, natural and free from chemical nasties. The pH-neutral formula ensures that the capsules remain gentle on our clothes and skin, while the pre-measured pods ensure that we use the perfect amount in every load, minimising waste.

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Available in an uplifting Wild Lily and Jasmine scent or fragrance-free (for sensitive skin) and just as effective in cold water washes as they are in hot water ones, Ecostore’s Laundry Capsules are the laundry product we have been waiting for. Convenient, eco-conscious and proven to get rid of even the toughest stains, these capsules allow us to clean our clothes with a clear conscience and are a product that we will always have in our cupboard.


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