How this personalised vitamin service will revolutionise the way you take supplements

As we face down the various winter flus that are coming at us from all directions, it is this time of the year in particular that simple wellness habits are paramount. And one daily ritual that often is forgotten is a simple dose of vitamins — with all the essential nutrients needed to maintain optimal health and fill in any nutrient gaps in your diet.

In a bid to Marie Kondo our bathroom cabinets, we have been searching for supplement solutions that reduce our need for bottles and bottles of pills that, honestly, we don’t even know if our body actually needs. We’ve recently discovered Vitable — a company that is revolutionising the way people take their vitamins via a personalised system that is now available to New Zealanders too.

Vitable makes taking vitamins almost a novel concept. Its process begins with an expert quiz to understand a bit more about your current health and lifestyle habits before (only moments later) an expert-informed algorithm recommends a bespoke combination of daily supplements in the correct dose for you. Your recommendation is fully tailored to what your body needs, out of 1.2 million possible vitamin combinations. With rationale for how each supplement would benefit you clearly explained, the monthly supplies are curated and your bespoke monthly vitamins are custom formulated, just for you. But what makes this brand a cut above the rest is the ways in which it has collaborated with pharmacists, naturopaths, nutritionists and other health experts to leverage the latest, most effective products, ensuring that every recommendation is of the highest quality and offers the most efficient results.

Essentially, Vitable’s core offering is based on your daily needs. Your supplements are delivered each month in personalised daily vitamin sachets, providing just the right amount of nutrients you need each morning, and leaving nothing to be desired. It is simple, targeted, sustainable and efficient.

We get that some may consider a concept like this potentially wasteful, which is why Vitable prides itself on carbon neutrality. The plastic-free daily sachets are actually compostable at home (made from sustainably-harvested eucalyptus trees), so you’re replacing all those plastic bottles on your bench for a sustainable alternative. The sachets are made even more easily dispensable thanks to the addition of a chic, neutral tin — the perfect place in which to store your daily doses and clear all the clutter.

So if you are looking to up the ante when it comes to your health and implement a foolproof daily supplement regime, Vitable’s offering is the perfect place to start, and the brand is offering Denizen readers an exclusive $100 off the first four months. Take the online quiz and start your journey to daily health here.


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