5 reasons why you need to be incorporating tongue scraping into your dental routine

It might not be glamorous, but neither is bad breath. Here’s why tongue scraping is the oral hygiene practice you really need to master

1. Optimum Taste
Removing the build-up of toxic mucus from the surface of your tongue will unblock your pores and better expose your taste buds, amplifying the sensation of taste. Hello, flavour. 

2. Dental Care
Keeping the tongue clean promotes general mouth health: including that of the teeth and gums, thus helping you to avoid tooth decay, plaque build-up, gum infections, gum recession and tooth loss.

3. Better Breath
Most bad breath stems from the bacteria that resides at the back of the tongue, the majority of which can only be reached, and removed, by a specially-shaped tongue cleaner.

4. Boosted Immunity
The removal of toxins and bacteria prevents them from getting reabsorbed by the body, something which is especially beneficial when sick as it removes both illness and medicine build up. 

5. Improved Digestion
Digestion begins with taste, and so a toxin build-up can sometimes obstruct its natural function. Plus, scraping activates saliva production, which helps to promote healthy, continuous digestion all day. 


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